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How would you answer this question?

Mark Hicks

Hi Friends —

Imagine you lead or attend a church where Fillmore teaching is affirmed. One Sunday, a new person visits. They are attentive and seem to be interested in the Fillmore teachings. You're chatting with the person at coffee hour after the service. The conversation gets into affirmations. The person asks you “How should I use affirmations?” What would you say?

My question—What would you say?—is not a hypothetical question. “How should I use affirmations?” was asked this Wednesday from a person who visits TruthUnity, who has tried to apply what he has found, and who is reaching out for some coaching on how to apply it better.

Since you are reading this post, you can consider yourself having crossed paths with the person, not in church on Sunday, but virtually in a digital world. You are free, of course, to pass on by. But if you want to help him I am introducing a way for you give him a reply. I hope you see him as a person with a real need and that the opportunity to help him on his spiritual journey is real ministry.

What’s new: This is the first topic posted by a visitor on the Fillmore Q&A Forum on TruthUnity. Click here to view it now. Here is what the person posted:

I have a question about affirmations: How should I use them? Should I repeat them audibly or silently? Is just repeating them enough? What is the process that you and other Unity members use for affirmations? Almost every time I repeat affirmations, I do it silently. I rarely repeat affirmations audibly. The problem is: Whenever I’m repeating affirmations, a doubt emanates from my own mind with questions. “Am I doing this the right way?”, “Is just repeating enough?”, “Do I need to be in a state of mind for the affirmations to work? What happens if I’m not in that state of mind?” Sorry for asking so many questions, I’m doing my best to learn.

What I’m asking for: I am appealing for replies from ministers, licensed teachers and anyone else who is committed to Fillmore teaching and has a thoughtful answer to the question “How should I use affirmations?”.

If you don’t have an answer and are curious, click through to see what others are saying. But if you are one of my fellow ministers, licensed teachers, or long-time student of Fillmore teaching, let me nudge you think through how you would answer this person’s question. And I ask you to then click through and share what Spirit has guided you to say.

Why this is important: The Fillmore Q&A Forum is a place for people to ask questions about the teaching of the Fillmores, Emilie Cady and their students. And it is a place for ministers, teachers and students who are committed to Fillmore teaching to collaborate with me in answering their questions. There will be other forums on TruthUnity, but the Fillmore Q&A Forum is focused on answering questions about the teaching of the Fillmores.

We will know this new forum is successful each time a person who has a question feels welcome to share their question by creating a new topic. And if thoughtful, helpful and uplifting answers are posted as replies then we know that we are collaborating with Charles and Myrtle Fillmore and their students in the educational program inaugurated by Jesus Christ.

Mark Hicks
Sunday, February 4, 2024

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