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Ezekiel the Watchman

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Ezekiel the Watchman Unfinished 25-913

Consciousness of the Spirit comes to every man according to his mental and physical status. A cautious, conservative man would open his mind very carefully and let in but little of the higher light. To him it would seem like moonlight, and he would describe his experience as a faraway dreamy sort of mental vision. But an enthusiast, whose whole mind is open and alive to things spiritual, would feel and hear the influx from on high, as did Ezekiel. “The voice of a great rushing,” the “noise of the wings,” represent the swiftness of the spiritual thought, and the “noise of the wheels” the power.

Spirit does not take account of days and nights in the outer sense, but they are used as fit symbols to describe the light and darkness that pervade the mind. “It came to pass at the end of seven days, that the word of the Lord came unto me,” means that light came into seven of the twelve centers of power in Ezekiel’s consciousness. He was then prepared to receive and understand the word from the Lord.

A watchman stands on the city wall and sees what is going on both within and without. This well represents a spiritually developed person—he sees within, he sees without, and he challenges with the word of command those who pass through the gate.

When light has broken into seven of the inner centers, a larger capacity and power come to man. He is cooperator with Divine Mind in lifting all men to higher planes of understanding through freeing them from the burden of sin. Jesus said to Peter, who had been thus illumined, “Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Ignorance of the law of mind action builds thought conditions in body that are reflected into mind, and the sinners know not where to turn for relief. They are ignorant of the spiritual law, and so immured in sensation that they would not accept it if it were presented to them; hence their only hope is to have the aid of someone who knows the law of freedom from the effects of sin and has, also, the power to use it.

The Lord requires those who have attained mastery over their own errors to act as lifesavers for those who are yet in the ocean of sense ignorance. This is life or blood atonement.

When we who know the all-forgiving power of Spirit fail to deny the evil that we see in others, it is reacted upon us and we are entangled in that bound life. If we speak the freeing word of Truth to the ignorant, we fulfill the law, and whether they respond of not, we have no reaction of life force.

When those in understanding of Truth fall away we should hold them up instead of condemning them. Our condemnation holds them down when they most need the freeing thought—and the law of thought holds us responsible for their failure to come back into the realization of Spiritual life.

Our lives are linked with the lives of all men, and the greater our realization of this the greater our power to build them up or tear them down. One can, through great sympathy and desire to help another, take his sin and go down under it; but this is not the atonement taught by Jesus. Under the law which He set forth, we should become so sure and positive that the good, only, is true—that the evil will fade wholly away under our swift and certain realization.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on February 21, 2019.