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As Thou Seeist, So Thou Beist

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Address by Mr. Charles Fillmore
Sunday morning, May 15, 1910
Subject: As Thou Seeist, So Thou Beist

This law of mind making and becoming that which it thinks is so universal and so interwoven into the very character of being itself that it requires no argument to prove it. Anyone who has studied the effect of thought in the simplest form perceives that truth. The man and his thought are one, and the character of his thought is so indelibly stamped upon his face and form that he cannot conceal it. Emerson said, “What you are speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

It is no longer a theory, but scientists are, from various directions, arriving at this conclusion that thoughts do become organic in the body.

Taking this as a foundation, we naturally come forward to the next step, which is: How shall we get the best results from this law, and to what extent shall we school ourselves in our everyday thought? If I become a part of that which I think, “As I see so shall I be,” it must follow that I shall guard my seeing and thinking. If in my seeing and thinking I deal with conditions that are not desirable, not what I would like to have, I must cease that character of observation.

You will find that you have two classes of ideas—the absolute on the one side and the relative or limited on the other. Thinking is a mixture of absolute and relative ideas, truth and error, health and disease. You are constantly trimming your language and your acts to conform to the absolute. You say things that are, must be, taken into consideration. We do not always tell just exactly the thing as it is; we do not want to tell our friends exactly what we think about them always. Then, to that extent, you are not dealing with the absolute. The great mind of Being does not trim at all. IT IS. It tells the absolute truth at all times and its ideas are absolute, and the only safe way for us is to see through those absolute ideas.

If we follow this right along, we will see that pretty soon we will get to the place where everything will take on the absolute. There will be no limitations for us. The reason we have limitations is because we are not thinking through Divine ideas.

This law, “As thou seeist, so thou beist,” is working for us, but it does not always work as swiftly as we think it should because we have limited it to time, to conditions, to the body. We have taken on some of these relative ideas and we wonder why it does not work more swiftly.

There is, in the world today, a great awakening in the action of mind, and people are sending thoughts back and forth. They call that “thought transference.” Does thought really transfer itself in that way? Not in the absolute. In the absolute there is only one mind and that mind is in unity with itself at all times. If you believe in the limitations of the external, you will have thought transference. You will see the idea entering the mind and traveling throughout the body.

We wonder why we do not get instantaneous results in our healing. Just to the extent that we get thoughts and ideas of the limited, they will come into the reality of our being. Now Jesus Christ’s word, of which the Scripture is full, is a word of the absolute. If it takes time to work it into the flesh, it is our fault. It is the man-made limitations which we have set up, and those limitations must be put aside, just as we put aside the original condition. If I am holding that the word of Christ is made flesh in me, it will become so, and we shall incorporate into this body the living life of the Christ mind—the absolute idea. Not a limited idea of life, not that life is going to be increased in my body, but it is now there in its perfection. This body is spiritual and is nothing less.

In your treatment for life realization, do not take anything but the absolute. See life everywhere. Faith is the sight of the mind and your faith must be that inward grasp which says I am now seeing the life of Christ perfected in me and am filled with the Christ life.

A good many of us carry around the dead body because we have not discerned that it is the Christ body. We have the capacity, through thought, of seeing the relative body. We see a body that is not right up to the absolute and our body becomes that error. If we see anything in our bodies less than the absolute, we must expect, from this law of thought, to get just what we see.

We want this body to represent wisdom. You can inculcate these absolute ideas into every cell of your organism, and these cells will, instead of being mere inert matter, become spiritual cells. You will spiritualize your body until it is transfigured (like the body of Jesus Christ was transfigured), by holding that the Word of Christ is made wisdom in me; my flesh is now illuminated with the wisdom of the Christ word.

People are asking us how to quicken their memories—how to be strong in their grasp of the work they have to do. This is the way. The Christ mind knows everything. He is all wisdom. Be one with the Divine mind and you can become wise. You can have all this wisdom by putting the Word of Wisdom into the flesh.

We have a way of separating the flesh mind from the mind of the body, or separating the mind and the body. There is no separation in being. This Divine mind is a unit and in our demonstrations we must be a unit. We must see the Word of Wisdom as the all-knowing part of our brain, even of the flesh itself. Then if we want the body to be strong, we shall say, “The word of Christ is become Strength in my flesh,” and it will respond. If you need power, say, “The word of Christ is become Power in me. My flesh now manifests the power of the Christ Word.” Whatever the condition you may wish to set up, see it in the absolute. There is no separation between the mind and the body in Christ.

Christ’s body became so spiritualized through holding to that word, “I and the Father are one,” that they did not have to have an undertaker. He took charge of the remains himself. That is what every one of us must do.

We must be absolutely independent of every external condition—we must hold to the absolute mind. Depend upon nothing but the one Infinite mind. Hold that the Infinite love of Christ is now become flesh and all things are provided. God himself is the undying word, and that word now expresses itself in all of its fullness. It radiates within me and manifests without through the living word which I am. I am the word of God through Christ, and that word is established in my flesh.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on February 21, 2019.