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Divine Power

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Divine Power

Charles Fillmore

Spiritually discerned, Jesus Christ gave us the key to man and the universe. Our subject today is the power of man not only to control himself but through control of himself to attain a certain dominion over outer things.

One of the scientists has said that matter is only power receptive to a higher power. Matter itself has no power except to be obedient to the power of man. You see that even in a physical way, but there is still higher power in man awaiting its exercise. Before we can exercise this power, we must awaken an understanding and then the power. Now Jesus told his disciples to go into the upper room in Jerusalem, and there the Holy Spirit would imbue them with power from on high. They praised and prayed and were all of one mind in one place and this power descended upon them. Now that word, power, is in the original Greek dynamos. Following that out in recent scientific discoveries, we arrive at the conclusion that there was a release in those disciples of an innate power through worshiping in the upper room—or the top brain of the body. There you can receive the baptism and all that sort of thing. In recent years we have, in a measure, duplicated that and we do that every time we get into a deep consciousness of life and love and power. It depends entirely upon the amount of concentration we can make upon these various ideas and their locality and realization in the body.

Jesus said, “When this Son of Man is come in its glory, you shall sit with me on twelve thrones.” Now this is borne out by the recent discoveries of scientists of what is called the new science. We are told that science of 40 or 50 years ago is obsolete. The atom has been found to be made up of inner in energy—electrons and protons. The electron is the negative phase in the proton is the positive center. We interpret that in terms of mind. We say that the proton is a positive attracting power of love and locate electron as the forces that are obedient to that attracting center. We might compare it to the universe. The proton is the sun—the positive center around which all the planets revolve. This is all pervaded by the one mind and it forms life. When we get into this universal life we can make contact or communion with every one of the electrons and protons. We get at the center of every cell and there we find mind in action.

It is given to man to be a master in God’s universe, but how shall we attain that mastery? This universe is a man in that man has billions of cells in his body and he has expanded in those cells until they have become planets and suns. There are 12 great suns. The universe is a sphere of planetisms and nebula. So you can see that there is a great possibility ahead of all of us. If we expand our consciousness and get alive, we will become co-creators with the infinite mind. The head of His people, Jesus Christ, undoubtedly was a cosmic mind at the head of this race on this planet. He came into His own, and we are the cells in His body, members of His body. We should realize that and we need to know that we have more power.

This dynamic power is latent in us because we have not, through faith and understanding, grasped the possibility. Now the power center in man is right here in the root of the tongue. If you lay hold of that inner spiritual power you begin to exercise dominion and authority. God created spirit man with power and authority over the beasts of the field. All through your organism are these cells but you want to make those cell centers powerful. There you find the positive and negative cells. They are tremendous in their power.

Why haven’t we realized that spiritual things are spiritually discerned? No microscope was ever made strong enough to measure their strength. We know of this when we reach the inner consciousness and we break down the (blank space). Sometimes you see flashes of light breaking into these wonderful powers within the mind. We read in the first chapter of John about the coming of Jesus Christ or receiving the son of God and we are told there that the only begotten son knows the Father and he proclaims the Father, but the outer man knows nothing about that—only the man within. That is why we have to cultivate that inner knowledge. Close your eyes and close your ears and pray to the Father in secret. It is this son of God in us that claims our body. The outer consciousness cannot know this except through this I AM spirit. You may feel love or zeal but you don’t always contact the thing you want contact because you haven’t directed your attention to this thing.

If we feel a sense of inability—we can do this and we can’t do that—we need to develop the power of God within the mind. It is there, latent. And this instruction, this calling forth of the disciples, will give you the ability at will to quicken the electrons and protons within every cell in your body. You may contact the upper room in Jerusalem. Say, “Through the Christ in me I have all power. All power is given to me.” You don’t have to go out.

You must develop your own power. You must get hold of yourself. Here is the way: Get very quiet. Center your power in the tongue brain. That is where all the ideas come. You are going to call out the power in you to heal, to speak your word. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word will not pass away.” How could Jesus do this?

But there is a living word and that is the word that we need above all words. Living word, the creative word—that word which was in the beginning and is now. But we must realize that we have the power to do. If you think you can’t do something, you can’t do it. But if you believe that all power is given unto you can do it. Have only one mind and worship in one place, and then go to your power center. There is where you turn the water into wine. That is the first (blank) in Galilee. Through the development of this power center we have power over all the vibrations in the body. When they have been raised to spiritual consciousness you can control the vibration of error, discord, and sickness, and all the failures in finances. What is wrong thinking? It sets up wrong faculties but the fundamentals in your mind and body are always constructive.

You know physiologists tell us that every function in our bodies is self-renewing. Why should we have any failures in any functions? What is there that is self-renewing? It is this electron. Doctors say that sickness would be healed if left alone. We find after many examinations that nature heals. Suppose we make contact with the spirit at that center. Suppose we know how to make contact with this power that increases and multiplies our Lazarus—the raising of Lazarus—two voices—the still small voice and the big loud voice.

This passage of Scripture determines the various attitudes of mind that man needs to go through in awakening a useful life and directs the power of man to master that life, and as we read and understand the different attitudes of mind we can see that Jesus went through just what we do. Paul says, “He was tempted, but without sin.” Most of us would have given in to evil.

Jesus got still and began to pray to the Father. He said, “Now, father, I know that you hear me always. I know you have never failed me. ” He said, “I know that this power of God is in me. Praise our God, the all-powerful One.” Then these material things are nothing. Do away with these material concepts. True. It is that life that is everywhere—never goes anywhere. Then speak the word, the outer word in a loud voice. Then new life begins to come. This Lazarus, this young man, is within every one of us. Let us get busy and arouse him. Remember that this power of God is within the mind. Let us begin today by giving thanks.

Paula Schneider Transcribed and lightly edited by Paula Schneider on June 25, 2018.