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Power of the Word 2 of 2

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Power of the Word — 2 of 2

Power of the word, especially in relation to healing. Coue and suggestion also discussed. Probably an article here for K or U, but would take a lot of boiling down. CB

what kind of words we speak. Jesus said, a man shall be held accountable for his lightest word. There must be a power back of the word, even the lightest word, the most careless word, that you speak, you get results according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. And the more we look into this power of the word, the more we see its basis of science. It is the creative law of

the word, and it is so plainly written in the Bible that a way- faring man, though a fool ought to see it if he would only think a little. In the first few words of Genesis we are told that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and the earth was without form and void, and he said, "Let there be light. and there was light." All the way through that first chapter, God

said let this and that, and it was. God said, "Let the dry land appear,"and all at once it appeared. John corroborates this in the first chapter of his epistle where he said, "In the beginning was the word,---- referring to this word that created all things in the beginning*----and the word was with God and the word was God." Now, the word is God. What word? Why every word that is

uttered is in some degree the expression of the infinite mind. Consequently, every word then is creative. It is creative just to the extent that we understand that which liveth back of the word. Now, if you have no comprehension of the source of the word, of course, your word is like a parrot, it will not have very much effect, but it has its effect just the same. We listen sometimes

with great glee to a cussing parrot, and think it is funny, but it doesn't have any weight with us especially. But go a little deeper and listen to the word of some philosopher, some one who has thought deeply, whom we have faith in as understanding the thing he is talking about, and we give more weight to that word. And so you could go back to the words of a great prophet or seer, even

the Son of God, like Jesus Christ, and we give still more weight to his words. You might go still deeper and find that he had a realization of the power of the word that the ordinary man had not. So he must have been telling the truth when he said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words, -these words that I am speaking to you, -- shall never pass away." You see the old

conditions that existed even a few years ago passing away, the old heavens passing away, the old earth passing away. A new civilization is right on the point of coming into expression, so we could corroborate this statement of Jesus Christ, but he went so deep into the understanding of the absolute reality of the source of all things that he knew that when words were spoken

from that consciousness that it became just as permanent as the word itself. Now it is possible for man to get a very much deeper realization of the power of the word. Every word that you speak has a definite result. And there is no exucse for you. It is a law, a law that I cannot change, you cannot change. Nobody can change that law of the creative power of the word, that is that

your word is bringing results; every word that you speak is having its effect upon, well, first the plastic substance of the mind, then through the molecules, and then through the atoms and the cells and you are getting the results every moment. Every word that I am speaking right now is thrilling through my body, and if you are receptive to it, you are getting the result. It is acting and re-

acting right here now, and if you take certain words and hold them in your mind and believe in them, you will get results. That is the law, the immutable law, the universal law.

Now we are having today a very widely expressed illustration of that in the philosophy of Professor Coue, he is exploiting, and the public at large is accepting with great avidity, the simple

healing word without any understanding of the philosophy of the word or what lies back of the word. But we are told that just by repeating the word we can heal ourselves, repeating certain formulas, and the public at large is catching on to that. We have been teaching that here for thirty-five or forty years, day after day and night after night, and it is nothing new to us, but we

understand a little more than merely repeating these words, because we understand that they express something. And we watch our words because with us now we must not only think constructive words, but repeat the constructive word, the uplifting word. Well, Professor Coue says the same thing. You must repeat, "I am day by day in every way getting better and better and better."

Well these are constructive thoughts, talking about health, and sure enough people get well. But the newspapers say, "That is all right, but that is just a fad. They imagine that. It is an illusion, and it will pass away and people will still be sick," but the papers give demonstrations. They say so-called chronic diseases are being healed. That cannot be a fad or it would not

heal diseases. Well, people can believe most anything, they say, and then if we should ask them, “Have you tried this, have you ever tried denying that you were sick?" "Well, no. Why, that sickness is a reality. That disease is just as real, a little more real t o me than Hell. And why do you think I would be fool enough to say I didn't have a disease, that It wasn't real, that

it was passing away when there was no Indication of it, when I wasn't doing a thing to cure it, or taking a thing, not even taking a bath to get rid of that disease —- do you think I would say I didn't have it? I am no fool." But you may be ignoring the very simplest remedy, the remedy that would make you well. And professor Coue is getting a whole lot of people to make fools of themselves

and try to do it, and they are getting results, wonderful to say, by just repeating and saying to the sickness, "Why you are not real, no reality in you at all. I haven‘t got any sickness. I am getting better and better every moment." And all at once they come out of it. I say there is a law, and they are proving it, but it is so simple and easy we look right over it. We are too wise. That is it.

We know too much about the deep things. One of our lecturers the other night told of an instance in France where the aeronauts were experimenting in doing stunts in the air, and they were going to try to loop the loop, but some wise mathematician figured it out it couldn't be done, that it was an impossibility. They did it in about three days after that. But it was explained that this

young fellow that did it didn't understand mathematics and he didn't know that it couldn't be done, so he did it. That is the way with a good many simple minded people. Now if you are not too wise and will just put this power of the word into action, you will find that you will get results. That is all there is to it. Jesus Christ said, you must be like a little child, accept the proposition like a little child, and believe what the Professor

tells you and you will get results. You will find out there is a power in your word, and one of the very best things I think, in Professor Coue's philosophy is that he ridicules disease. Nothing tickles him more than to make fun of the so-called very serious troubles that people have, and it relieves their minds of that state of consciousness, for we know as we study the

effect of words, depressing words, sick words, why they keep piling up in your consciousness until you don't have any spring to you, and the blood don't circulate as it should. The power of words is tremendous in its effect of suppressing the body and the mind. Supposing you say, "I am not under any law of suppression; I don't believe in sickness." If you went to the

hospital wheresonebody was very sick, and you would have to whisper and walk on tiptoe. And if you go down the street and find the words diphtheria, smallpox, scarlet fever on the house, every body that goes by sends those people the thought, "You have got it. We better get by here as quick as possible." What is the result? You are sowing the seed. The power of every word is the power of

the thought. It is like the powder in the gun, and the word is simply the expression. Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh. "The word is very near unto you, even in your mouth." You are speaking these words all the time, and if your mind is charged full of your subject you speak the word very freely and with force and power. Authors know if they want to

write fluently and speak fluently, they have to study up the subject and get full of it. That is explained in that the sub- conscious takes possession. It is like a rich soil in every one of us. But what kind of words are you sowing in the subconscious? You have some trouble, the result of wrong thinking. The thought conjuring up conditions boils in your soul. It may be you have been

angry or out of patience, or this or that. It doesn’t make any difference what you thought, you have created in your subconscious the word. Jesus gave that illustration you remember in the parable of the sower. He said sometimes the word, which he said was the word of God was sowed in rocky ground, and at other times in shallow ground, and the crop was according to the soil, how that soil is the

subconscious mind, and we are bringing forth according to this subconscious thought. Some people are so shallow, so on the surface, they don’t really grow their words. They don't have anything back of their words. Those people cannot say, "My words are spirit and they are life," but they do get the results of their words. They talk a little here and a little there, and get results. And by

continually talking about error and evil and sickness, they get results on their plane of consciousness. We know that a man is held accountable for his lightest word, and you are judged by your words. It is measured unto you just according to the word that you sent out. If you speak good words of everybody and everything, and see the bright side, all the good will come to you,

and the bright things will come to you. You talk about prosperity and success for everybody and before you know it, you will be bringing forth the fruit of that kind of word. And we metaphysicians watch our words and our philosophy is optimistic and we are talking all the time about success. We know that everything is coming right. Why? Because there is one source for this universe.

everything came forth from a principle. Did you ever think about that, that the infinite mind which we know is everywhere present must have as its basis good? Now if you get that idea fixed in your mind, that the real of everything is good, that there is but one presence and one power in this universe, and that presence and that power is good, that I, man, am the offspring of that good —

Just think about that, meditate about it, and before you know it, you will begin to express more good in yourself, more good in the people around you, more good in the world. The world will take on a new form, because you have come into consciousness, in this inner subconscious realm, of the absolute principle of life, the infinite good. Now carrying that right out under the law of

expression, why, you would almost unconsciously speak words of truth; you would speak good words; you wouldn't talk about your weakness, your sickness, you wouldn't talk about disease of any kind. You wouldn't deal in words in a parrot like way, but you would have a philosophy back of your words, and that is where we think we have taken one step farther than Coue. He wants people to be healthy

and all they have to do is say they are healthy, and they will be healthy. But how about the cause that produced that unhealthy state? Where did it come from? It must have come from some wrong understanding of the principle of life, through not understanding that the source of everything is good, and that man is the express or Of that good. If I think evil, I can get evil.

That is my privilege, but it is also my duty, according to the principle -- just as in following the principle of mathematics, it is part of the expression of that principle to think according to its law. What is the law? Why, that everything shall manifest good, that man shall express that good. Jesus Christ said that this power of the word was just as easy to overcome sin as it was to say.

take up your bed and walk. Just exactly. I could say to this man, now your sins be forgiven you, and it would be done just as quickly as if I should say, take up your bed and walk. But people have said, "Why, he was divine. "We are all divine. He had a larger understanding of his divinity; he had a better understanding of the power of his word, and that is why his words were so much more effective.

We find our words are effective just to the extent that people have faith in them and believe in the power of the word through the action of their own word. If you can get any one to repeat with you, I am day by day in every way getting better and better, after a while they will improve. That is a simple formula, and I believe in sowing the good seed wherever it comes from. If

it doesn't come through our special philosophy, it is all right. It is doing the world good. Now is the psychological moment. Professor Coue is coming into action just at the right time. The world is ripe for it. We have been teaching it and Christian Science has been teaching it, and the New Thought and all these psychology people, but the world has accepted it very slowly.

but the soil has been cultivated. They have been getting ready for it, and now it is coming with a great flourish and going all over the country. The newspapers are full of it. And after a while the people come back and say, "What is the philosophy back of this?" We say, Jesus Christ taught it. It is all/through the Bible, everywhere. If you study the Bible, you will see that this power

of the word was to be the salvation. Jesus Christ is said to be the Word of God, and the world is to be saved by Jesus Christ. But how will he express his saving power? By the power of the word spoken into the hearts of every one of us, and through this fullness of the heart we will speak it to all the people. The time is coming when we will all get together and sing the songs of the good and

express the good, and why, we shall just be showered with good of every kind. Speak the word and. it will appear. That is the law. It is right here in the ether, and when we get ourselves in tune with this universal ether, why everything we want will be ours. Jesus Christ said, "If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatsoever ye will and it shall be done unto you. There is the law. "If ye abide in me and ray words abide in you.

ask whatsoever ye will and it shall be done unto you." Are you a Christian? Do you believe that? If you believe it, begin to act and if you don’t get results, meditate on it. Now am I abiding in Jesus Christ, am I believing in his word? If so, it must be that I will get results, and I am going to try it again. Then speak as if it had already been made manifest, and lo and behold.

it will come about. I am giving you one of the greatest creative secrets of the world, something that in a very few years is going to be accepted universally by Christian people, people who really believe in God. Of course, there will be doubters, and they will not get results, but if you really believe in God, there is the principle. You must watch your thoughts, connect with the great universal

principle of mind and then apeak your words in accordance with the good, and the result will be sure and certain. There will be no failure about it. That is the law.

Now we are here this evening for the purpose of encouraging one another in the use of this law. So many of you have had demonstrations. You haven’t been asleep all these years; you have

caught a great light, and you have used it just to the extent of, some people will say your gullibility. That is the law. People used to tell me I was gullible, I used to be in the real estate business, and I dealt, of course, in hard reality. I had several hard ones. Things didn't go just right. I had other ideas, and I branched off in this metaphysical line. 1hey said, "It is

too bad; you are going to make a plumb failure of this, the family will starve and in the end, you will go to the poor house." But I didn't .believe in that. The other fellows, they didn’t go to the poor house, well I don’t know where they have gone, but they have died. But as 1 say, it is something you can prove for yourself. I have proven it. I know I have got hold of more abundant life,

I have gotten more abundant health, everything that I have really claimed .And as I say, I am getting to be a living demonstration, and it is getting fuller and fuller all the time. But I know there are other people here who have done the same thing. I would like to have you express yourselves.


Mrs . Turnentire;

I was washing with an electric machine, and I caught my hand in the machine. I had the presence of mind to snap the current off, and reverse the washer, and then I took my hand out. I just stood there and I said, "Thank God I have my hand. God will give me my hand; he has left it on my arm, and he is able to heal it." My hand didn’t hurt one particle and never has. Of course, the

other lady got frightened and wanted to tie it up. Just to calm her, I let her tie it up, but I am here to tell you that God is able to redeem.

(2) I had had some wonderful demonstrations in healing, but I couldn’t make them in prosperity. They would tell me just to believe I had it, but I couldn’t do it. I could believe I was

well and be healed, but not prosperity. So I read in a Unity magazine that a lady said that she needed some money very badly and she imagined $1.00 bills hanging on the clothesline, and she said every day she looked at the clothesline, and she saw the bills hanging there. I said it didn't sound reasonable, but it was in the Unity magazine so I would try it, and I imagined $10.00 bills

and I had never been so close an observer of $10.00 bills before. I could tell you everything that was on them. I had it firmly fixed in my mind, and I put a line on the back porch, and I imagined I saw that full of $10.00 bills. I took a $10.00 bill out and measured it. I saw them pinned by the corner. I didn't tell my husband for several days because I knew he would laugh at me, which he did.

Every day I looked at the line, and I saw those bills hanging there just as plain. My husband was in business. He said it was failing; he couldn't make it pay, and we would have to sell or close out. It was impossible to get a buyer, and one day he came home and said he had closed up. He didn't want to go in debt. I didn't let that discourage me a bit. I kept seeing those ten dollar bills. I said,

You know it is coming out, because those $10 bills are hanging on that line. He said,You know that would be only about $100. Just a few weeks later I got a temporary position that gave me about $250 and it was very easy work. Then I went to visit my mother, and they kept after me to substitute and I was busy all the time substituting teaching, and some of our friends sent

for my husband and gave him a position that paid him three times the salary he had had before. He doesn't laugh at me any more about the ten dollar bills haning on the clothesline.

MRS. EMERY: As we take our love offering in our hands, we know it is a gift of love, given in love, unto the father, and we are not going to limit it by the size. We are going to

see it as multiplied, increased, according to our faith. It is not going to be a coin, or a piece of paper. It is going to be an abundance. We are going to give it with the consciousness of abundance, because We are the children of God. We are his heirs, heirs to all that he has, and we do not give with the thought of giving just a little, but we give that which we have, the symbol,

with the idea of abundance, and we know that there is no limit to the increasing power of ideas when we speak the word in faith. We are going to bless this offering that we give, using our usual blessing, and knowing that through the increasing power of the word, this gift we give is multiplied, some ten, some sixty, and some one hundred fold. Together let us say this blessing: Divine love

through me multiplies you." There is no limit to the power of the spirit. "Divine love through me multiplies you." Again: "Divine Love through me multiplies you." In the name of Jeus Christ.

Father we thank thee for this symbol of the inexhaustible substance of spirit now richly manifesting to meet the needs of these thy waiting children, going forth into the world cleansed of

all thought of lack, to carry a message of plenty, to open up e new channels for the inflow and outflow of thy inexhaustible abundance, in the name and through the power of Jesus Christ.

MR. FILLMORE: We are going to demonstrate this power of the word to restore us to the purity of the inner life and the healing power of the inner life. We have within us a great

spiritual power that we have ignored. We have lived on the surface. Now we are going back to that inner life, and as we work with that inner life, we find that was what Jesus Christ taught. He demonstrated; he demonstrated to that point where he overcame death in his body, and he said, "I will be with you always, ask whatever ye will in my name, and it shall be done unto you. We

believe that, and we believe that Jesus Christ is right here with us, and we are speaking some words at this hour, nine o'clock, which will restore to us the consciousness of that inner life. Now we close our eyes; we close our ears; we enter into the closet. Jesus Christ, you remember, said, when you pray enter into the closet and close the door and speak to the Father in secret,

and he that heareth in secret will reward you openly. We go to that inner quietness and speak the words, and then we get the results. The words we are speaking, I will say there are thousands of people the world over are speaking that word, because it is printed in our monthly and weekly Unity. These are the words: "Jesus Christ is now here, restoring me to the purity of the inner

life, and the Son of Man is lifted up and healed." I am the son of Man. Every one of you is the son of Man. Nov; we get still first; think about that inner life. Everybody now be perfectly still, "Be still and know that I am God." You will feel that inner life. We will speak that word together, and then silently. (Repeated) Say that now as if you were healed; let that healing thought radiate

to every part of your body. (Repeated) Now we are getting into the realization and beginning to feel what we call the vibrations of the inner spiritual force. Now speak that word to all the people here. (Repeated) Now Jesus also said, "Ask whatsoever ye will in my name.” Now we ask for more prosperity; the things of the world come from God, so we have a prosperity word that we are all holding.

That prosperity word is: Jesus Christ is now here restoring me to his consciousness of the inner life, and I have the more abundant life and prosperity.

Kirsten Peetz Transcribed by Kirsten Peetz on March 1, 2019.