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Power of the Word 1 of 2

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Power of the Word — 1 of 2

The song that we sang this morning says, “They that be wise shall shine.” Now we have always taken those passages in the Bible metaphorically, indefinitely, as though they were not really truisms - that they meant that our minds would shine. But the fact is that we are discovering now that it is possible, through the wisdom and the intelligence of the mind to generate a force that will really give us the outer appearance of shining.

Now when Jesus was on the mount, he was glorified. It was said that his garments became gleaming white, shone with his wisdom. That is something we are just finding out, that our bodies themselves will shine. It is a fact that through becoming wise in mind and spiritual understanding, we shall produce a shining aura. We have seen people who were spiritually wise, with shining faces. I read where a teacher in one of the schools recently, in addressing a class, said that he was very glad to see so many shining faces, and when he said that, nearly everyone in the audience took out their powder puffs. Not that is not exactly the sine we are talking about. It is really a glow in your soul that makes your face shine.

But how shall we bring this about? It is a matter of spiritual realization. The aura which surrounds or penetrates your mind is the real source. That is the source of the emotions. It is through the soul that we act, and if we can manifest into this soul more wisdom it will become more active. It will cause the cells of our body to move more rapidly and we know that the rapidity of these cells or electrons produces light. Let us realize for a moment when you go into the silence you go into that shining part of yourselves, the light that shines on land and sea, that inner light, the light of Spirit. Let your mind see that light. The wise shall shine. You have this wisdom of Spirit. Make contact with the Spirit. Shine until the room is all lighted up. I read of a man who has the ability to raise the activity of the soul to the highest point so that he can see to read a manuscript in a dark room. This is really through the luminosity of his own soul. He sees with the mind, with the eye of faith.


Think about infinite wisdom. If you are expressing it you will see that shining glory. Everyone would be glorified, would have a shining presence, a halo round his head. Got into the spiritual consciousness. Saints have that halo around their heads but saints were not born that way. They had to develop hat saintly appearance.

The lesson this morning is on the power of the word. That refers not only to this spoken word which you hear in the outer ether, but also to an inner something which is in the people and is called the logos.

In the beginning was the word. It represents that wisdom we are talking about, that spirit. It represents power, represents everything you can conceive in the infinite mind concentrated into the one idea, and that one idea is open to every one of us. So the power of the word is forming body and present comprehension. To read in the first chapter of Genesis: “ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ****And God said; Let there be light; and there was light. ****” Through these six creative days the power of the word went forth.

But what relation does our word have to this infinite creative word? The same relation that the child is to the man. The word of a child can be understood. So we, although we may not have come into that high relation of Jesus Christ when he said: “My words are Spirit and they****

That was a tremendous statement for a man to make but he made it with infinite understanding of the power of the word. It is the original power which you can touch when you get into the deep silence, realizing there is something within you welling up. It is the Spirit of God. We are the Spirit of God. “The kingdom of God is within,” said Jesus. How is that? Only in Spirit. We are the formative power of God and through the word of this divine idea of the Word we express and make manifest the supreme.

We must realize how important it is for us to express only words that are constructive, good, true, powerful. In other words, words we want to see made manifest in ourselves, not words that would produce negative conditions. And Jesus said you are held accountable for every word, for your lightest word. We have not considered this matter, that every word that we speak has its effect upon us. But it does.

When we analyze the creative power, that is, we find that everything begins with a given idea. And how is this expressed? Through the thought or the word. We find this trinity in the activity of the spoken word. The spoken word has its inner side which is called the silent word, the still small voice, and the loud voice, where did that originate? In the inner consciousness. So we can see that the word or idea of man, spiritual man, is constantly in the mind of infinite Spirit, is expressing itself through your consciousness and that every word you speak is a part of this infinite mind. How important it is that you consciously know this. Jesus Christ said: “According to the words I speak be it unto you.”

We have not realized the importance of this but if we would have perfect conditions in mind and body and affairs, we must speak from the standpoint of Spirit. We must guard our words. Direct our words, formulate them carefully before we speak. Think before you act. Think before you speak. Don’t speak idle words. In our field of mentality we get results according to the words we use. It may be a little world, apparently, but it is your world. If you would have a happy world watch your words; watch your step; watch what you are doing; watch your step. We find in metaphysical work that if we think right, speak right, everything comes right. We do not have to work so hard either. It is an easy matter to speak true words. Look in the dictionary and find words that are constructive, Sometimes I think it would be well to compile a new dictionary and leave out all words that express that which we do not want in our lives.

You say you want the good, the happiness, and all these outer things that bring happiness, Well, that is a question. The best of us have not solved it yet. Happiness begins in your mind. You can speak it into expression. First think the thought, then speak the word. Sometimes your words act very quickly on the cells of your body but how far does that thought go? It goes right out into the ether. The very matter about you is being moved by your words.

So how careful we should be how we speak into the ether of our homes. If you have been speaking angry words, impatient words your ether is charged with that and people coming into the house feel it. Sensitive people feel it. You say; “It doesn’t make much difference to me.” But your very body is feeling the vibrations that are in that house. On the other hand, supposing you speak peaceful, harmonious words, loving, good words to create an atmosphere of that kind in the house. You will feel the vibration of that.

In your body temple every cell is waiting charged with certain intelligence, awaiting for you to speak the word that will raise it or lower it. Every word you speak is vibrating right through your organism this moment. And we should be very careful how we speak words to others. Always be optimistic in your language. If anyone says: “Oh, isn’t this weather awful?” say: “No, this if fine weather. There is only one kind of weather, good weather.” There are different kinds of weather but each kind is good weather. Always look at it in that way. You will always find everything in its foundation is good of its kind.

So in your life, you are doing the work you ought to do at this time. Say of your work: “I love this work. I like to do it. I do it willingly.” Then your cells will begin to respond. If you are a typist the cells in your fingers will begin to wake up and say: “Why didn’t you talk to me that way before?”

So, if there is anything you want to do, just speak the word. There is no better or more effective way than by speaking the word. First think the thought. That is the starting point. Everything begins out of the fulness (sic) of the heart. Then if you want to deliver a lecture or sing a song, why think about it first. Charge the mind with it and pretty soon it will just boil out of you. You will be speaking and singing when you doubtless have nothing to say. Now you must watch your words. Do not speak idle words; don’t let all your vitality run off the end of your tongue. Talk about glad things. It is just as easy to talk about the pleasant, wonderful things as to talk about undesirable things. Get into the spirit of your word. There is a spiritual word and we should everyone make contact with it by thinking: “I am one with the great universal mind. I am one with the word of God.”

That is what Jesus Christ was. That word we are told, became flesh. We have seen the wonderful power of a man who realized that he was the very word of God. That realization is open to you; every one of you is the word of God. You have your place. Just reach in and up and touch that inner word of words. You have that same great power; produce that wonderful body. You will have the ability to provide not only for yourselves but for the thousands, just by realizing words of great power, So let us all realize that inner word. Say to yourselves: “I know that I AM Thy word made manifest.” The word of God made manifest. Be glad that you have found that out.

I thank thee, Father, for thy living word made manifest in me; that word in all I think and speak. Amen.

Rev. Jude Denning Transcribed by Rev. Jude Denning on June 30, 2018.