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The Virgin Birth

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(Original Manuscript by Charles Fillmore in Editorial. THE STORY OF JESUS' SOUL EVOLUTION)


(Interpretation of Luke 1:26 – 35) (Pages 24-25) As explained by the angel to Mary, we should not overlook the fact that this coming into activity of the Christ body is the result of an exalted idea sown in the mind and brought forth in the soul. Therefore, Mary, the soul, becomes devout and expectant and believes in the so-called miraculous as a possibility. Mary expected the birth of the Messiah as the Holy Spirit had promised. She was overshadowed by that high idea and it formed in her mind the seed that quickened into the cell and in due season there were aggregations of cells strong enough in their activity to attract the attention of the consciousness, and what is called the birth of Jesus took place.

(Interpretation of Matthew 1:18 – 21) (Pages 49-53) Everything first takes place in the mind. In truth, it is in mind where real demonstrations find their impetus. Joseph and Mary’s betrothal was, to them, such a sacred and holy thing that it stirred into activity the most spiritual forces of their souls, which forces perhaps had never been set into inspiration before, and their spiritual union was consummated. There followed such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit (which is God’s Word in action) that Mary, through Joseph, was overshadowed by this heavenly power, and though she did not “know man” in a physical way, the initial germ seed was thereby projected, and she conceived and brought forth the child, Jesus.

Metaphysically interpreted, within the soul, Mary, the Virgin mother, represents a pure state of mind that ponders spiritual things in her heart and believes in revelations from angels and messengers from God. Her imagination is so intense that she vitalizes the ultra-microscopic germs of life and they multiply in her body with external contact. Joseph represents the outer mind that practices obedience to the Lord, gained in dreams and external symbols. Nazareth, their home, represents the commonplace, if not unpopular, environment in which the spiritually-minded are usually found.

Mary was “found with child of the Holy Spirit” means that miraculous conception by which the Virgin Mary is held to have conceived without original sin. Joseph, not fully understanding the prophecy, “was minded to put her away privily,” meaning that we do not, in the first stages of the birth of Christ in us, understand the process, and sometimes are moved to put it away from us. Joseph’s soul (the name Joseph meaning “from perfection to perfection”) is so heavily charged with divine life that it cannot express itself intelligently, because no union has yet taken place between it and the understanding, which union – when it is consummated – always equalizes and adjusts.

An angel is a messenger of the Lord. Metaphysically, our angels are our spiritual perceptive faculties, which ever dwell in the presence of the Father.

(Interpretation of Matthew 1:22 – 25) Page 56. Mary was a virgin. The word virgin means “pure,” “undefiled,” “unsullied,” “undisturbed,” “fresh,” “new,” “unadulterated.”

Metaphysically, the son (Emmanuel) who was brought forth, means the consciousness that God is with us and we are one with Him. The understanding of how “the Word became flesh” in Jesus Christ is now being made flesh in us even as it was in Him.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on June 25, 2018.