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The Unity Vegetarian Inn

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[A card attached to the document reads in Charles Fillmore handwriting:]

This good stuff for Veg Dept CF

The Unity Vegetarian Inn

The idea of Unity Inn is to demonstrate that man can live, and live well, on a meatless diet.

It is the opinion of the medical fraternity that people eat too much meat, and doctors are advising less meat in order that the system, which has been poisoned, may recover.

If meat in large quantities poisons the system, how about the effect of less meat? In other words, if a large dose of arsenic will kill a man, what effect does a small dose have? The answer is that the system can throw off the small dose of poison, but succumbs when the quantity is beyond its power of elimination.

The logical inference is that if meat in large quantities can poison the system, a smaller amount also works as a poison but does not so suddenly destroy the body. We cannot get away from the fact that the poison element is in all dead flesh. In other words, a corpse of any kind is in a state of decay. All the preservatives in the world cannot prevent a partial decay of flesh after the life has withdrawn. Decaying flesh poisons and corrupts all it touches. The old Hebrews knew this, and under Mosaic Law, it was decreed that, “He that toucheth the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days.” (Numbers 19:11)

Is it at all strange that the rebuilding functions of the organism grow tired of being treated like garbage cans and graveyards and, finally, rebel and refuse to work? When these good servants go on a strike, the decaying corpse of beast, bird, or fish is backed up in the system. The blood then becomes corrupt and the festering mass is carried to brain cells, nerves, glands, muscles, and skin. The result is that the whole body becomes impure, and all its natural functions are impeded, often to an alarming degree. Then, instead of removing the originating cause, which is improper diet, medicines are resorted to.

We do not claim that a flesh diet causes all diseases, but every ill can be healed much easier if the system is fed with living vitamins instead of dead cells.

If you are not perfectly well, try a meatless diet, and see how great the improvement in health in even a short time. Thousands are proving this, and so can you.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on June 25, 2018.