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A Multitude of Reforms and Reformers

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[A card is attached to the document which reads:]

Here CP set forth his position on indorsement, of various reforms and good movements. Might be useful sometime. It tells distinctly what CF considered to be the special work of Unity.


A Multitude of Reforms and Reformers

Charles Fillmore

The flood of letters, circulars and books which Unity is getting these days from reformers in every phase of life tempts us to cry, “Hold! Enough!” There seems to be a widespread idea that Unity will take up and endorse any movement or plan for the race uplift that has incorporated the idea of Spirit. In this respect, we are in hearty sympathy with all movements spiritually progressive but hardly equal to their adoption.

There certainly is a tremendous spiritual awakening of men and women everywhere to the necessity of preparing for the new civilization that is coming upon us. The inadequacy of the old skins to hold the new wine is being borne in upon nearly all thinking people and they are devising new methods ingenious and often startling for the betterment of the race.

But those who are awakening from the long dream of sense should not assume that the Lord has been dilatory in preparing the new kingdom that is being set up in the earth. The plan was given to Jesus and he saw that it had to be worked out in a change in individual character in every man before he can become a citizen of the kingdom. So there has been, for 2000 years, a gathering together of those who had long before worked out of the natural into the soul consciousness and were ready to put on the spiritual. Many of these souls are incarnated now and will be known to each other and to the world when the time is right. But they themselves are in process of unfoldment and most of them are yet in the unripe state. They are at work overcoming the errors of the flesh and preparing for the eternal residence in the earth in its redeemed state.

A great special preparation for the active advent of the new civilization has been in progress for 50 years and the Lord is preparing the way for those who are following his plan. Many of those who are proposing ways and means for the new civilization seem to have overlooked this pioneer work and they are beginning where a whole lot of us left off many years ago. For instance, the Unity movement is not an infant in the Jesus Christ plan but has been reaching the minds of advanced souls for centuries and is just now coming to light in the world of activity. We were with Jesus in Galilee and have followed him at intervals ever since. His teaching and the basis of the higher life on this planet are revealed to those who have enlisted with wholehearted zeal into the work and they know when the time is ripe that they will be ready.

The Unity movement is in sympathy with all spiritually awakened people and rejoices in their efforts to help the human family although we may not be led to take an active part in their propaganda. The Lord is working everywhere to raise the thoughts of men to higher things, and every movement that has this object is good and will receive the blessing of the most High. Each of us has a special work in the great onward trend of the race. The Lord has given Unity the Department of Individual Religious Training, and it is requiring all our time and efforts to meet the large demands made upon us. The harvest is ripe and the laborers seem to be few.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on June 25, 2018.