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Control of Thinking

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By Charles Fillmore

In this course of lessons we are instructing man how to gain the ascendency over himself. “Greater is he that conquereth his own soul than he that taketh a city.” This attainment of the control of the self is something that lies very close to the hearts of every one of us.

We would like to know how to gain self-control. We can think of the experience of being suddenly asked to speak at a public gathering, and you know how your knees shook and you were nearly paralyzed with fright. You wondered why others could do it and you could not.

It is a matter of self-control. You had not lived in all parts of your consciousness. You had paid very little attention to what we call the subconscious mind. Your whole attention was fixed upon outer things. Now, there is a way for man to gain this control of the whole man.

Not only the conscious mind but the subconscious—this mind that carries on the activities of the body when we are asleep or when we are busy with some external conditions, some study, some book, or some lessons-is going on just the same. We know very little about this. It is a matter of attention and control.

The thing to learn is how to control our thoughts. This brings us back to the original proposition, that all things are ideas in action, ideas clothed upon, — a thing that has at its very center intelligence and action and wisdom. They make up a cell. The whole manifest universe is made up of cells. Now these cells make the body of man, and we are told by modern physiologists that every cell is in action. There is no such thing as a solid piece of matter. It is all alive and in motion, and every cell has a certain intelligence. It knows what it is, what it wants to do, and is doing in just as fast as the controlling mind will allow. The controlling mind in the body of man is I AM and that I AM is in dominion. It can direct and make laws for all the cells of the organism, and they have to obey. Now that is man’s privilege.

We were given dominion according to the allegory in Genesis There the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and fish of the sea, and all manner of creeping things.” Everything that God idealized, man has taken into his consciousness and named and we are told Adam named all these things and gave character to them. They are part of our world.

Don’t think about the cells of your body as cells as considered in physiology, but think of them as ideas clothed in a universal ether. With every thought you move—to good or ill, to the material slow-down state of action, or to the spiritual high speed state by realizing that you have this power in mind.

We find that the basic fundamental back of this power and dominion is this Mind, and we are Mind. I AM Mind. I can control the whole body action by and through the power of my conscious mind. There are two attitudes of mind that we use in this control; the control of the cell life is the key to the action and reaction of of the whole. Walt Whitman said, “I am great; I am immortal.” (?) People criticized him, saying that is egotistical. But Walt Whitman realized a great Truth; that he was, or contained, a multitude. So we are. These cells are like little people; they are like man in the sight of God. We are told that everyone of these cells is capable of expression, expansion, and increase or glorification until it would become a world.

That is a great thought that Swedenborg has: that this planet is a cell in the body of the great man and that we are living on one of the cells in the great man of the universe. That is what some of the philosophers of the past have said. Every cell in the body of man will eventually, if that man lived out his life, become a planet and will become peopled. That is a great objective for everyone of us.

We must know this thought of control of oar bodies through our thoughts. So we are going to pick up right now this consciousness of our thought-people. Now Jesus Christ undoubtedly knew the law. He said you could pick it up and lay it down. How did He attain it? By getting dominion over His thought-people.


We are told of Jesus’ healing the multitudes. I suppose most of us have always thought that He healed the multitudes of people that followed Him in Galilee. If He did heal the multitudes, how did He attain that power? First by healing the multitudes of cells in His organism. Are you acquainted with all the cell life in your organism? You have a cold and you expectorate. In this way you are getting rid of dead cells. That is the elimination, or denial, of the subtle powers that lay deep in consciousness. If we knew the law, we would begin to this multitude immediately. We would say at once to ourselves that something is wrong with our cell people. We should get busy and straighten them out. In doing this, what is the first attitude of mind? I AM Spirit. I AM one with the Infinite Mind. All power is given unto me over my thought people, over all the cells of my body. Some of them believe In sickness, the result of my thought about sickness, or the race thought of sickness. I would get that out. It is based upon weakness and fear. Every thought you have in your consciousness, your conscious mind is visited upon these thought-people. You are responsible for them. If they have a fever, it means that some thought that is in inharmony with Divine Life and Love has sunk back into your subconscious and is storing up inharmony and discord there. If you are hot under the collar. It means that you are not at perfect peace with your Lord. If you believe it is hot, there is something wrong. In you are In perfect harmony, you are cool as a cucumber. How can you attain that? By believing being peaceful in your mind first. By starting right and saying, “I am one with the Infinite Mind. That Mind is a peaceful mind. It knows nothing about heat or cold. Heat and cold are states of consciousness. In Spirit and in Truth, you are neither hot nor cold. Deny all thought of being warm and say, “I AM Spirit. I AM poised in Spirit and I AM poised in all my spiritual power. You will let go of this pro and con, this give and take, this hot and cold, this good and bad. You are eating of the tree of good and evil when you believe in opposites. Let us get back into that peace of mind, where we have dominion, he can then say what we will accept. We will have it just cold enough. That will be established according to your use of this controlling power of your mind. You will attain this place in consciousness where man sits on the throne of dominion. Now, we understand in our metaphysical work the two states of mind, the letting go and the taking on, or the denial and the affirmation. That is when we want to rise out of a certain state of consciousness. If we find ourselves in the thought that we are sick, or weak, we deny that. That is, we relax that hold which the mentality has upon those cells of the organism. All the time we are holding the cells of the organism in that state of mind, When you are suddenly called upon to do something you are not familiar with, you get shakey because you have not trained your mind to lay fold of these thought-people. Your body consciousness and the cells of your mind are afraid. So we must train our minds to deny all fear. Sometimes fear of what people will say causes one to get shakey. Deny those ideas. Denial is a relaxed state. Some times people deny without realizing and a great universal denial is that we cannot accomplish certain things. We cannot do this or that. That will produce a prolapsed condition of the whole system. Every cell will sink down below the high tide so we don’t wart to carry that too far. What we want is to get that balance between the denial and the affirmation. And so we deny the things that we do not want. Then we fill in with an affirmation of what we want to appear. Here is the key to the control of our thought body. And remember you do not have anything but the thought body. It is made up of thinking entities that are thinking and working. The body is made up of cells and atoms and those atoms are made up of little centers of light and power called electrons, Electrons is the name of the negative and protons are the positive. But science says that we have within each one of these atoms a little universe. That universe is just as large relatively as the universe we see in the external and that if developed would be made into a universe. Here we see the corroboration of what Jesus, Whitman and Swedenborg have told us. The use of the mind is the work of man. We never will really attain our ideal or will we ever become healthy and overcome sickness and pain until we get hold of the cells of the organism; until we begin to heal all the people. We must cast out the _____. These are the wrong thoughts that have gone into the center of the body and are causing trouble, as any discordant condition would cause trouble. But man has the power to deny these. Jesus said to the demon “Come out.” He talked as if it were an entity. If you leave it, another devil will come, worse than the other. That means that we must make our affirmations. Denial is like creating a vacuum. A vacuum will be easily filled. And so when you make a vacuum of your mind by the denial, if you do not consciously put in a positive thought, it is open to negative thoughts around you. The Adam man has impregnated the ether we live in with these error, negative thoughts and we must build up the Christ control, dominion and power. You cleanse your body temple every time you realize in mind that you are letting go of all the error, of all the evil, of all the willfulness, of all that which is in any way negative. Relax, and let it go. ******* Those who get in touch with and through this power the Spirit, will receive this Spirit of Truth. You will gradually convert your whole consciousness. It consists now of corruption and decay. How are you going to change it? By putting on incorruption. Purity, strength and power. Paul said, “For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.” This is only accomplished under the thought that God has given us incorruption and immortality. We are going to be true to this gift of God from on High. We are going to live at the center of consciousness where the spirit is.

Bible Reading.


Transcribed by David Smith on June 24, 2018.