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Our great work is to use what God really created in the beginning. Jesus Christ you remember said: “He doeth nothing of Himself. Use God’s ideas. Not that God is going to come over to our side and do our will, but that we are going to go over to God’s side and do His will. “Not my will but thine be done.” The face is that we are asking to be shown that we may do it. I think we are all obedient. We are not stubborn or willful. We know that it is done through our mind.

We all have this power and dominion to accomplish what ought to be accomplished. We must begin sometime, and the simpler the proposition the easier it is to take hold of. We find it very easy especially in the beginning to get results in the restoration of harmony either in ourselves or in others. We all have this power to broadcast different thoughts. Our minds are both receiving and broadcasting stations. Someone said that the time is coming when everyone of us will have our own wave length. People will be put in jail if they don’t keep on their wave length. If we all understood this, that with every thought we are broadcasting, that we send it out and we send it on, we would realize that every thought in our mind affects every cell in our bodies. The strongest thing in the whole universe is man’s thoughts.

We float with the multitude and think as the world thinks. We drop into the old channel. Then we get to this entrance and begin to use this power of the Mind in constructive ways. We are going to build a temple according to the plan given to us by God in our higher states of consciousness. Then we develop our minds. That begins with control and mastery of thought.

Let us today get very quiet and realize that we are in the presence of that spiritual higher Self, Jehovah God. We read so much about Jehovah in the Bible—that is the spiritual Self.

Now this Jehovah Mind is getting recognition. It is the real in me. It is to be taken on by all my thought-people. This Jehovah is I AM. What am I? I am Spirit and power. Jesus said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” He meant all dominion or authority is given to me in mind (heaven) and in body (earth).

Let us enter into that consciousness. “My spiritual identity is given dominion and authority; all power is given unto me in mind and in body.”

Let us affirm that together aloud. “My spiritual identity” (that is the high point); next, “all dominion and power” (this subconscious mind forms in body its spiritual identity, the central Higher Spiritual Self); “all dominion and mastery” (mastery).

When you say identity through your attention right here between the eyes. Everything has its center in the body. You find that when you think of your thought-people. They will all respond to the Word.

Say the word of love and throw the attention to the heart center; the word of power, throat; the word of understanding, feet; etc. Identify yourself with Spirit.

I would advise all of you who are disturbed at all in your body consciousness to take this plan and throw your attention to the different centers as you take them.

“In my spiritual identity all authority is given unto me in mind and in body.”

Go over it again. You won’t get it always at first. Sometimes you will. Keep repeating those words and you will get a result. You will be surprised. You can change the whole character of your cell-life—your body will go through a cell transformation. Jesus said, “I, if I be lifted up will draw all unto me.” He didn’t say men. He said everyone will be lifted to spiritual dominion.

As we read the Bible we remember that everything that was done in the outer can be done by man in his inner consciousness. Let us remember if you want to get on and develop do the highest, you must do the work. You won’t get it by asking and trying to find some new way. It is by working your own mind in your own body — By getting control of the thought entity in your body. In turn this body shall be whole and well and if it is sick it is man’s ego in the body.

Infinite Mind has given us a great residue, in developing your soul and your body. You will be rewarded here and now.


Margaret Garvin Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on June 26, 2018.