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The True Church

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If you have faith in the power of God to help man in His mundane affairs you have opened the door to that help. The average person does not understand the radio but accepts it as something that eliminates space in the transmission of sound. So when you see in all creation the evidence of an unseen intelligence and power, you cannot help arriving at the logical conclusion that it has an adequate cause. The manifestations of that unseen Cause are everywhere so it is logical to conclude that the executive power of that Cause is in and through everything. As Paul says, “one God, and father of all, who is over all, and through all, and in all.” Eph. 4:6

How to become acquainted with and get the benefits of this everywhere-present Creative force is the great problem of man, then man tries to ignore this profoundly self-evident intelligent life he is separating himself from it, and proving to himself at least that there is no God. But the Spirit of God persists in its on-going and man, vain in his ignorant protests, loses the companionship and power of God in his life. This seems, and is, deplorable, but it could not be otherwise in a creative plan where freedom of thought and act are fundamental.

The burning issue in the existence of every one is how to make God a living reality in all the affairs of life. It can and is being done by millions who accept the methods based on the experience and demonstrations of great spiritual teachers.

Jesus Christ claimed intimate acquaintance with God, whom He said was Spirit. He taught that Spirit must be understood by man and he tried in many ways to make the Creative Mind a reality to all who experienced faith. He taught that man was the Son of God and that he had the power within him to prove it.

Jesus opened to human consciousness another dimension of existence, which he called the “kingdom of the heavens.” He did not describe this kingdom as a place but He did say that it had at least potential existence in man. ”The kingdom of God is within you.” Thousands of the followers of Jesus have discovered that they have a “talent” or spiritual quality which when awakened and used connects them with an interior life they greatly enjoy, and which grows in power as they use it. Such persons are the present day disciples of Jesus. They are telling the world what they have found and many are listening and following their example. The religion called Christianity is thus fast becoming a fact of universal scientific import.

Christian experiences arc not confined to members of Christian organizations but are found everywhere, in the church and out of the church, among Jews and Gentiles, and the Gospel is being preached to all creation.

Men and women of sound judgment find upon mature investigation that Christianity is thoroughly organized in the fourth dimension or “kingdom of the heavens”, and that Jesus is the recognized head. The ramifications of this organization of Jesus form a connection between the spiritual and the earthly realms and make possible the intervention of God in the affairs of men everywhere. However, this intervention is only possible where men have opened the way through faith, and at least some understanding standing of the laws of communication between the higher and lower states of mind.

When men individually or collectively strive to make contact with the super mundane realms they become avenues through which the heavenly kingdom is being set up in the earth. A company of persons organized for the purpose of demonstrating the power of God to help His people make a powerful spiritual battery and are able to do things that seem miraculous. But there are no miracles - all things are accomplished by complying with law. There are innumerable laws latent in our race consciousness which we shall eventually discover and use to our betterment in every way.

Jesus Christ is the head of a mighty organization for the freeing of the human family from the bondage of ignorance. The great and fundamental sin is ignorance of divine law. Jesus has established His seat of wisdom in the ether, from which the world of visibility draws its existence. We all have access to this one great source of all good, through our mediator and way-shower, Jesus Christ.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you can have the help in every human need if you will make active through some thought or act a direct appeal to Jesus Christ. He will show you how to develop the super-man, called Christ, in you and became yourself one of the immortals.

The Silent Unity is an organization of individuals who have great faith in the power of Jesus the Christ to bring to the consciousness of any one the presence of God as wisdom, health, prosperity and happiness.

Should you be moved to ask us through prayer to help you or your loved ones, write or wire Silent Unity Society, Unity Building, Kansas City, Mo.

Margaret Garvin Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on July 1, 2018.