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Prosperity Friday Morning Meeting

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Let us all join in our statement used so often: “In our unity of purpose, we are guided by Infinite Wisdom and prospered by Divine Love.” We need to be unified in our objective—in everything that we do—and bring about a unity. Having a central idea, we can then differentiate from that idea. Let us join in our statement aloud and then hold it silently.

As you are doubtless aware, our gathering each Friday morning is for the purpose of making the work we are doing more efficient. We call it prosperity and we should consider the various avenues, through which we can make this work what it should be.

We don’t think that merely yelling prosperity is going to make prosperity. It may incite us to the avenues through which prosperity comes, but to just yell prosperity is a great deal like a college yell. It gets one into a vibration in the outer, but it does not lay a good foundation of prosperity.

I might say it is like the foundation of a man who goes out selling a line of goods. He must have something back of him—a good line. In a certain respect we are salesmen, and what are we selling? We are selling ideas; the most potent thing in the world is an idea. An idea that works. What ideas are we selling? The biggest in the market. We have the biggest ideas in the world today. They are educational and religious, and they can be applied to the development of every soul that we sell them to. They will bring to our customer’s health, happiness and prosperity—an understanding of Truth. Isn’t that a big idea?

And what have we back of that idea? We have God—God. God is back of us. But we have to present our God in a way that we can lay hold of Him. We want to get God in the line that we are selling, and we want to bring Him direct to our customers. We don’t want any middleman. Farmers complain that they do not get enough for their products and yet we pay as much or more than we did years ago. They say the middleman consumes it. We say to our customers, “Here is something that you can use yourself. We don’t have any middleman.” I say that is worth something to the consumer.

But in order to have our goods go out continuously so that we can draw upon this Infinite Resource, we must line up ourselves with certain fundamental ideas and one of those ideas is honesty. We must be honest in our work. We must be honest with, ourselves. Then we must be efficient. There is another idea we have to incorporate in our work. And that is, we must be orderly and systematic.

So we find in order to pass out these wonderful ideas that exist right here, we must lay a good foundation. These ideas are waiting for us to use them. We must have team-work, universal team-work. We must love the work and boost it continually. Never criticize. It is all right to see the needs of the work, but don’t get that idea of the needs into your mind as something that is a dissenting force.

The ideas that we are giving to the people are constructive ideas, they are building ideas. We must begin at home, right with ourselves, to use these ideas. The world is going to eliminate the line of goods we have unless we use them ourselves. What kind of an example are you of this line of goods that you are selling? You can see how we have to measure up in our work. It is a very close shave for some of us to get through. But we can because we have a good line. I like to think that we have a good line and that I am going on the road for the Lord and have the biggest line in the world.

We know that as we apply these ideas they are all-round, sufficient. They will work along any line that you apply them honestly and constructively, persistently. The big idea, of course, that will enter the minds of our customers is that they can get something out of the use of the idea, but like some efficiency appliances for the kitchen, (?) .

So these customers must be told how and when to use the idea. In all of our letters, we should be a little more definite. It is easy to talk in general terms, to spread your letter out. But the human mind is a single track mind. It is better to tell them that they should hold a certain thought at nine o’clock every night. Tell them to make it their business to sit by themselves for fifteen to twenty minutes, or half an hour, and repeat this thought over. Repeat it aloud and then silently. Get them to do some definite work. We spread our Gospel over too much ground. We must get down to the level of the consumer. He does not understand our philosophy and the ideas lying back of our line. We get the goods from the factory, but he does not know anything about this factory in the beginning.

We must start him right, but the big idea is to get him to work on a few ideas. You might put in your letters some of our auxiliary pamphlets, in which we explain that these ideas will break into the cells of his body. He has a billion cells and our scientific men tell us that every one of those cells has wrapped up in it a great energy. Every tear that you shed has wrapped up in it power enough to blow up the biggest building there is. How are you going to release the energy in these cells? Through the power of the Word. We know how to do it and all you need to do is to apply your Word. Then you begin to release this energy.

Now, if we can demonstrate this ourselves and send out these Words, we have the biggest thing in the world. The whole world wants to know this—they need it. We are physically a rundown race and we need something to stimulate us and booze is not going to do. But Spirit will. All those searching in the world today for a stimulant are really feeling the Divine urge for something to give more life. They want to feel good a little while and they think they will get this feeling from drinking whiskey, or the various names they call it by. But we have the higher thing. We have the Spirit and do not need alcohol. We have the stimulating energy of the thought and the Word. It will break right into the very cells of your body and crack them, and they will begin to express that energy and life that is wrapped up in the billions of them.

It is our work to know that we are giving out ideas that anybody can take and use and begin to get the benefit of all this stored up energy. Is it not worthwhile and should we not put forth every effort to get in line with this wonderful Truth and find out be more about it so that it can be given to the whole world? God bless you.

Beth Hitesman Transcribed by Beth Hitesman on July 6, 2018.