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The Greatest Discovery Of All Time

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The greatest discovery of all times is that man is a spiritual instead of a material being.

We claim that this discovery of man’s spiritual nature was made within the century. It is true men have discovered within themselves traits that linked them with the heavens but they have nearly always been considered superior beings and classed as “Saints.”

This discovery of man’s fundamental spirituality is classed with science, it can be universally demonstrated by all men who observe the laws.

In the scientific world nothing is accepted as science unless it can be demonstrated universally.

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in the heavens with his kite but it was not accepted science until its laws were proved. Electricity was a mere plaything to Franklin.

So the great invention of the airplane was a hobby to the Wright Brothers. They said they knew it would never be of any practical value.

The Chinese are credited with having discovered many of the modern marvels of the scientific world but not having formulated and applied them to universal use they were not utilized nor counted as discoveries.

So with man’s spiritual nature it was demonstrated in its fullness by a man over 1900 years ago but its laws were not understood and the possibility of universal application appreciated so it has been classed as a religion which must be accepted on faith. Within this century it has been discovered that man is a spiritual being.

The announcement of this great truth is claimed by several persons. Dr. Quimby of Boston first taught and demonstrated the spiritual power in man and that it was the same science taught by Jesus Christ. He called it Christian Science. Dr. Dresser, Mary Baker Eddy, and others took lessons of Dr. Quimby and were successful in applying the sciences. Like all science it had to be formulated and its laws made available to public use.

Mrs. Eddy was more successful than any other student of Dr. Quimby. She wrote a book, “Science and Health with Key to Scriptures.” She taught classes and formed a school or sect which claimed to be the only source of Truth-coming direct from God to Mrs. Eddy.

The many Truth schools in the world today are teaching the science taught and demonstrated by Jesus. They are known as Christian Science, Divine Science, New thought, Unity, and others under various names. They are all teaching different phases of the great Truth demonstrated by Jesus Christ, with varying degrees of fidelity of Principle. This discovery of man’s spiritual being logically reveals his spiritual source, God, bearing witness to Jesus’ teaching, ”God is spirit.”

The science taught by Jesus, and which we are following, did not formulate physical things but mental things, ideas and words.

However, we find that ideas and words are the same cause of physical things and that an acquaintance with this relation gives man super powers. Jesus sent forth his word and healed the ills of the multitude. The restorative word has its source in God and is the creative law back of all things. Spiritual man is the composite word of God manifest in man, and through man into all nature.

God Mind is composed of ideas and words which man appropriating in his spiritual understanding is thus making that God manifest. “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father.” (John 14:9). The right combination and use of these words constitute the science of Truth.

Margaret Garvin Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on July 3, 2018.