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Order Is Heaven's First Law

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Divine Order

Little thinks, from the earth, yon lowly soul,
As he searches the vaulting skies:
The order of the heavens, so wondrous,
Its source in his own heart lies.

God works through man, his masterpiece. In the beginning, before the worlds were framed, no doubt every soul had its identity in God; and no doubt, as a perfect mind creation, each soul had its part in establishing the order of the heavens over which spiritual man was given power and dominion.

We have but to gaze into the azure vault spread out above us, in which is held in space thousands of harmoniously revolving planetary systems much greater than ours, to catch an idea of the sureness and magnitude of the Divine law of order.

What is of vital interest to us, however, is that the perfect man identity created in Divine Mind, in the beginning, was established in the law of Divine order, and is today working itself out through the flesh into manifestation under that law. We can see that, as this perfection comes forth according to the law of order in Christ, man assumes mastery over himself and the natural elemental forces working in the whole creation. Indeed, it is impossible to determine, in the present state of the race unfoldment, the extent of the power and dominion of the perfect man.

But just as sure as “Order is heaven’s first law,” so must the law of order be maintained in the process of the unfoldment of man. While manifest man’s consciousness is yet in darkness and disorder, functioning in the natural state; while his powers are yet running wild along the line of personal ambition and the desire for greatness and while there is no evidence that he has received, in the least degree, the quickening power of Spirit, he is nevertheless held in check by this law of order, and, step by step, this law asserts itself when the true unfoldment comes into expression.

During the time of his existence in the natural consciousness, the law of Divine order allows man wide scope of activity. It gives him leeway to compete for personal prominence and to struggle for greatness. It gives him permission to get out of poise and into dis-ease, both physically and mentally, and to resort to all the different kinds of material remedies in trying to gain more bodily comfort as well as to wrack his nervous system in the endeavor to unearth some excuse that will antidote his past error thinking and give him peace and rest.

But back of all, there is the Divine law of order, justice, and sequence, which is never affected in the least degree by these outer maneuverings. Swiftness, strength, and a certain degree of intellectual discernment are gained, however, by these experiences, and in a day of judgment these experiences awaken man to the knowledge of the true Source of his good. Then, though his place in the world of human affairs is ended; though it shatter his body, the adjusting law goes forward, if his desire is for God. At this point in unfoldment, the path of non-resistance is the one of safety and peace. Working with the adjusting process – cooperating fully with the Divine law, is bound to throw all the mind activities into constructive channels, thereby avoiding ruptures, either social or physical.

The gospel of God brings humanity to order. Order springs forth from an underlying principle as eternal as God is eternal. But the natural mind does not recognize this underlying principle which calls forth the expression of life and health. The natural mind is subject to the action and reaction of good and of evil, of health and of sickness, according to its belief in one or in the other of these states. When the gospel of the Lord begins its work, an orderly science of activity is given birth in consciousness. The Divine law of order attunes the mind of man to the mind of God so that different chords of spiritual life and light and joy may play themselves through the functions, bringing health and freedom to the whole being.

The Divine law of order working in the subconsciousness, unearths buried talents, opens up hidden powers, and paves the way for their expression. The Divine law of order coordinates the faculties so that new inspirations may come forth and find unhindered recognition and lodgment in the conscious mind. The Divine law of order always gives deference to the mightier hope, thereby abolishing fear and despair. Sickness and weakness are never in order. Health and freedom are always the outworkings of God’s wondrous plan. In short, while man is undergoing continual change both physically and mentally, the changeless law of order is operating in uniformity according to the measure of his realization.

In the development of the type man Jesus, James, the son of Alphaeus, represents order, and you will find that his work was invariably in cooperation with the other eleven disciples. In the tenth chapter of Matthew, we read that Jesus called together the twelve disciples and commissioned them to go forth and preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons. In individual consciousness this means the I AM setting to work in an orderly way all the faculties of mind. Faith (Peter) is the rock upon which the gospel is founded. There must be accumulated in consciousness realizations of faith in the healing, adjusting power of Spirit, and this will draw Andrew; then there will be an abundance of strength to operate the law.

Divine order demands that the pure, unselfish love of God (John), tempered with wisdom and good judgment (James), expresses itself toward everybody and everything. These coworkers are absolutely necessary in unfolding the healing consciousness of the Christ. Divine order also proclaims that all power (Philip) is given to Spirit. To demonstrate perfect health, the imagination (Bartholomew) must operate from the viewpoint of perfection in every thought pictured in the mind. The will must work in the light of understanding (Thomas); Divine order places zeal (Simon the zealot) under the light of spiritual illumination.

All these faculties working together in Divine order make way for the faculty whose office it is to cast out all false thoughts and to stimulate the spiritual ideas – elimination (Thaddeus). And last but not least, Divine order requires that the life forces (Judas) be lifted up into the purity and freedom of the Jesus Christ consciousness.

The satisfaction that comes to one, when, after hours of poring over a mathematical problem, the solution is seen, expresses in a measure the exultant delight of the soul when the principles of perfect health are set into action according to the law of Divine order.

The navel is the order center, and as it is through the navel that the unborn babe receives its sustenance from the mother, so it is through this center that the soul that is spiritually quickened receives the living manna direct from the father-mother God. In truth, we come to know through meditation and studying the spiritual laws as they are unfolded to us that our realization of God as the great father mother, is registered at the order center and that the consciousness which we have had of God as the father mother, has largely determined our earthly parentage. The inner realization corresponds with the outer manifestation. This law will no doubt continue until man comes into perfect freedom from fleshly inheritance, and is established in the consciousness that “one is your father, even he who is in heaven.”

Divine order, transcending itself, radiates its mighty power into the other faculties of being, and sets them into sustained activity, working for the demonstration of the perfect man. Thus, through the operation of Divine order, the greatness of the soul is brought forth, and the nature of God is revealed.

Paula Schneider Transcribed by Paula Schneider on June 25, 2018.