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Healing Treatment

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I tell you that there is a healing spirit; there is a restoring spirit. You know if you injure your body in any way that the restoring spirit begins instantly to heal and restore that place. What is that? You say it is nature. I assure you that back of nature is the restoring spirit of God, and you have within you the capacity to call upon that restoring spirit, to quicken, to accelerate its action and this is really the foundation of spiritual healing, — that we shall enter into the restoring spirit. Now, whatever is your problem, whatever your ill, the power of God is here to heal you. And Jesus Christ is here. He can lay his hand on your head and right now just as plain and more powerfully than he did when he was in the flesh. Why? Because he has unified his spirit with the Holy Spirit. He promised he would come with the Holy Spirit of power. Now is your opportunity to accept that. Let us be still just a moment and realize that Jesus Christ is here. Close your eyes and ears for a while and close your feelings. Close all these outer avenues and enter into that great, deep innermost and say “I believe in the presence and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that hand, that healing hand, is laid upon my head now.” Feel Him. Jesus Christ is now here raising us to his consciousness of the harmonizing power of divine love, restoring us to peace of mind and health of body. Let us repeat that statement just given, first aloud and then silently. “Jesus Christ is now here raising us to his consciousness of the harmonizing power of divine love, restoring us to peace of mind and health of body.”

As we go forth, let us give thanks not only for what we have received, but what we in outer expression may expect to receive. Pray believing that you have received and that you shall receive. Now, you may have just gotten a new idea into your mind of the power of God, that love of God, and the harmony and health of God, and if you let that work without a word of opposition or doubt, — it is doubt that sinks down, down into the negative states. Now just think about that if you want peace. You have got the idea, you have got the spirit; the hand of God through Jesus Christ is laid upon your head. Let it express itself; let this healing power go into every fiber of your being. Don’t say, “Why, I don’t know whether I got any good out of that meeting or not.” You did. Everybody did. You couldn’t have been here without getting a baptism. This is a healing power. This is the power of God. The spirit of healing is here and the spirit of healing will express itself in your consciousness if you will only let it. Praise God you are healed. Take up that praiseful thought and don’t let any negative thought come in and you will reap the reward. That is the seed that is sown tonight in your consciousness, that God is the health of his people; that God through Christ is my health and I am going to stand by that, I am going to proclaim it; I am going to keep that commandment of health, that inheritance of health which belongs to me from the very beginning and I am going to stand with that and it will express itself.

Brian Johnson Transcribed by Brian Johnson on June 24, 2018.