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Christ Consciousness

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[Handwritten the margin] Copied 3-11-57 CEB

I am thinking of you as a man of God!

A man as God has created him, stripped of all the inhibitions of modern civilization!

We do get too much civilized, sometimes.

And our system of education is so far short of what it might be, to help us to understand the real purpose of life.

We are too often reared in an atmosphere which makes us feel that we must command large sums of money, and houses and lands, and that we must keep up with the folks around us or a little ahead of them in the display of power and prosperity. We grow to think that we cannot be happy, or comfortable, without driving ourselves, to carry out our personal plans—which may even be the plans of others, suggested to us!

We choose a work, often with a view to making money. And because we have gotten into it, we feel we must hang on, whether the Father is really prompting us to do so, or not, and without regard to His need of us in that particular field at the time.

We become soft, from inactivity, or tense from strain.

Spiritual awakening reveals these things to us. And we begin to see things in right relation. We become absorbed in getting the understanding of the true purpose of life, we decide to drop the foolish beliefs that have been handicapping us. We fit ourselves for the self-expression which will really develop character, and put us in touch with things vital to us and our dear ones. We take up work which really needs to be done. We do the work in the very best way it can be done, without regard to the methods of others. We rely upon the wisdom of God within us, and upon the resources of Spirit.

We meet the fears of the race mind, which would suggest failure or lack, with the positive assurance of the truth of the Christ Mind. We know that we are working with God, and that He is providing whatever is needed, hour by hour. We know that we are representing Him, to His children; and we are faithful to the trust, keeping our thoughts in tune with the divine plan, and our actions implying our faith, and real success. We are not concerned with results; because we know that these come, in exact accord with the Law with which we are working.

We are glad to leave the past behind, and to forget “both its weaknesses and. its wealth.” We see in the present moment, the fulfillment of our high ideals, and the supply for our present needs. We are able to do this, because our eyes and our hearts are centered in God, whose kingdom is within us, and which kingdom we are here to understand and to make manifest.

We face calmly and fearlessly and without worry, the circumstances in which we find ourselves, because we know them to be the fruits of our past thinking and actions. We know that where they do not measure up to the Christ standard, they will be changed; and the good results of our present Truth consciousness will take their places.

The Christ Mind gives us freedom from the bondage to money, and commercial limitations, And from personal pride. In Christ, we see the wealth of the Father, and know it to be ours—to use in unfolding what God has implanted within us. And we concern ourselves, not with getting hold of the wealth, but with the unfoldment. That which we require comes, readily, and in spiritually appointed ways.

I know how it seems to you—that the most important and necessary thing in the world is to raise some money—to get business, to accomplish that which you have set out to do. I confess that I haven’t always looked at man and his work, and his abilities as I now see them; and that there was a time when I felt I must go back to old ways, to earn money, to meet pressing needs. But the faith of those who could see a little farther along the course that had been indicated than I, helped to hold me steadfast. And I reasoned that my past experiences had not been really satisfying, and that I could at least turn my mind to new ideas and give them a thorough trial. I determined to use my ability in that which seemed to meet the needs of persons who came my way. I had little proof that I was using a law, and that there was substance and life backing me and coming forth at my command.

Now, while it may be that this work in which we are engaged is something that we began in another life, and it doubtless is a science which the universal Christ Mind is pouring forth through us, we do know that the same Mind and the same Law is in all and operative for all. And that faith and understanding, and the determination to live according to the Creator’s plan, will bring forth whatever is needful.

Health is the result of keeping the mind poised, through the expression of Christ Ideas, blended to cover the needs of the three-fold man. Fear, worry, and condemnation, and pride, and a tendency to lean on outside helps cause an inharmonious flow of the life currents. You have experienced definite results of some emotional strain. So you may see what the results of hours and hours of negative thinking would be.

We sometimes say or think what we would do, if we were perfectly healthy. Well, now, let’s turn our undivided attention to getting health. First of all, let’s deliberately stop thinking about our financial state; and our personal desires; and the longing to accomplish given results. Let’s just really dwell upon health, and study to let the life in us keep us healthy. We shall find the body responding instantly, to our every thought. And as we sustain ourselves in peaceful, poised, thinking, the body will be renewed in strength, and become radiantly healthy.

Tell yourself over and over, a hundred times a day that the peaceful state which comes of knowing your sonship in Christ, and of developing the Christ ideas in your own life, is the most important thing in life, the most necessary thing for you to attain. Assure yourself as often as is necessary, that you are concerned only with keeping your mind in tune with God Mind, so that your spirit, soul, and body may be unified in that divine order which we know as health.

When business, or other apparent needs tend to crowd in, say with all confidence and with positive power:

“God is my Senior Partner, and He is attending to business for me, while I am accomplishing that which I must do, to glorify Him. The Spirit of God is in all and through all and over all. The Spirit of God is taking care of my interests, and providing for my loved ones. They are His children, and they bring their supply with them, constantly, from the one Source. That which is necessary, in order to allow them to use their good, is really best for them, and essential to their spiritual growth. I rejoice that they are in His care, and that He is directing every step, and revealing His plan. My Father and I are one; my Father works . . . . and I work.”

I do not know that you fully realize the import of the Class Thoughts which we issue monthly. These thoughts come out of the depths of my clearest concepts of Truth. They come in response to prayer for the ideas, co-related, best meeting the needs of humanity. As the student studies these words, and declares them in faith and the earnest endeavor to build them into his consciousness, they take right hold, of him, and really lift him into a new state of mind and heart, and link him with the elements of success.

We like to feel that you are taking up the Class Thoughts for this month. You will find them powerful, in throwing the weight of your thought over into the constructive channels of expression. You will find that as you let yourself be lifted out of the old personal ruts, that you really invite the very opportunities, and blessings that will mean most to you. Don’t fail to recognize and to appreciate any seemingly small evidences of the working of the Truth. Big things come out of very small ones, many times.

We are remembering you daily in prayer. We are thinking of you as a man of God, firm, and intent upon the great Purpose for which we all came into the world.

Margaret Garvin Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on June 26, 2018.