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[Note: the following has p.6 through p.17 on the originals]

Now, it is good for us to testify to the healing power of God. “Acknowledge me in all thy ways, and I will pour you out a blessing.” This outer testimony is good. It is good for the one who gives the testimony, and it is good for those who are listening, to get together in a larger spirit of co-operation and tell each other how the Spirit has worked for them. Now we have proved that God does answer prayer, and we are going to let you who have proven this law, tell us.

(Voice) For all that come out here who have broken hearts, we have a medicine for them; we have the bread of life right here. There was one woman asked me today, she had rheumatism and a sore mouth, she had had it for a year, and she had just lost her daughter when she moat wanted her. She had left two little children. She thought that God had called her because he wanted her, but I told her that God hadn’t called her daughter at all, that he had work for her here, that those two daughters had taken the life out of her body, and I told her too, that she had a saving grace right in herself to cure her mouth, and I gave her one of my best best books, my Lessons in Truth. I have given all my books away and must buy some more. She promised to come to these meetings, and she will come, because she will get just what she needs right here.

(Mr. Fillmore) I expect that some of you feel a little out of your place, like a cat in a strange garret. This is the first meeting we have had done in this Auditorium. They have been held upstairs. Get up and tell it like you were up in the little room. I can see plenty here who have had good demonstrations. If you have told them before, tell them again. You know, I sometimes tell a good story a second time.

(Voice) Not very long ago I talked to a man who was very nervous and run-down. I asked him how his appetite was. He said he had lived on malted milk for two years. I asked him if he had taken anything. He said he has been to seven specialists, and the last was in Minneapolis and had cost him $350, and he didn’t feel any better when he came back. I told him. I could make him feel new in a very short time. He said “Go ahead.” I did. I treated him, and when I got through, I asked him how he felt. He said, “I don’t know whether it is real, or imagination, but I feel some better.” So three days later he came back, and told me in the presence of five others, he says “Boys, I done something this morning that I haven’t been able to do in two years.” I says, what did he do, and he says, “This morning for breakfast I had four eggs, some pancakes, and some other stuff.” And so in six weeks he gained twenty pounds and his nervous system was absolutely in normal condition.

(Mr. Fillmore) Now, it is nine o’clock. At nine o’clock the world around, Silent Unity holds a thought. That is, we go in the silence, and get universal spiritual truth. Now the truth thought that we are holding is this: “God’s will in me is health and harmony.”

S I L E N C E.

(Voice.) About four weeks ago tonight my daughter had sent in to Unity for treatments for me and I was relieved of all pain, and two weeks later was able to make a long journey to Kansas City in perfect safety, so I certainly think I know the Divine healing, for which I sincerely thank Unity and God.

(Voice, too low and muffled to be understood.)

(Voice) For the benefit of those who have suffered the heartaches of losing their loved ones, I will say that I was called to my mother not long ago. When I reached her bedside her temperature was 108. She had pneumonia, and both lungs were affected. They had several doctors, and the last one had said there was no hope for her, that she could not live, but just before noon when I got there, she was still alive, but there was no hope for her the doctor said, and I sent at once to Mrs. Fillmore, and inside of three days her temperature had gone down to normal. Now that is very remarkable, with a temperature of 106, pulse 14S and respiration 88. Then the first doctor left, I had another physician, and he said that there was no help at all, that she must die, and when he came again and looked at her, and he said it was the most remarkable thing he ever saw, and in four days she was up and dressed and went for a walk, and in just two weeks from the time she was pronounced absolutely incurable and had only so many hours to live, we started for Detroit, and she has been improving right along ever since.

(Voice) The first demonstration that I gained in regard to any particular ailment, I learned that God was the only reality. I suffered with what was (illegible) as rheumatism. I never consulted any doctor, for I intended to know the truth, and every time the thought of rheumatism came along, I denied it; I placed myself under the protection of Divine Mind, and I knew I was whole and well, and I never kept my mind in the outer. One morning, I was rooming upstairs and was eating breakfast at that time, and the people I was staying with were very opposed to Christian healing and didn’t know anything about it, and the stairway was the old-fashioned kind of inside stair case, and I would slide down and crawl back up, and the morning of this day I dropped down in my chair and felt that something was to be done. I was ready to go to work, and after I sat there awhile I touched God, and a voice impressed me, not audibly, but in thought, that “You can walk in perfect peace, for God has cast cut fear,” and with the idea came the sensation of warmth and sunshine, and I grabbed my hat and ran outdoors, and everything was bright like sunshine, and I was almost downtown before I discovered that I was healed, and with that healing came a feeling of strength. I did not have any feeling of tiredness that would come after working. I know the healing was brought about by holding to the fact that God is the one presence and the only power.

(Voice) I didn’t expect to say anything tonight, only there are a good many here who can give testimony better than I. In talking to a party this afternoon, I told him that I practically believe that I owe my life to this teaching. I will tell you how I came to this Truth. Just about a year ago on a Monday morning, we had had our Sunday School the day before, and we had had our afternoon meeting and our evening meeting and as usual Monday was a day that I was rather, well, I don’t know how to explain it better than to say this, 1 was singing to myself a beautiful hymn, rather sentimental, about when all our trials and labors are ended, when I reach that beautiful shore, it will be beautiful for me; somewhere the sun is shining, somewhere the birds are singing, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere. People looked at me as if to say, ‘You don’t know very much,’ but I know what life is. I speak like a gentleman. I know what it means to lose your loved ones. You who have children may know what it means to lose them. You have a mother and have not heard a word from her, you know what that means. You who fight in your work and business, I had my competitors, men who spoke evil of me, I had all those, and I thought, “Oh, wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this bondage of sin.” When you feel that you are not altogether a success, and when amidst the turmoils of your mind you find yourself hungry in heart, it is a sad condition, and it was at such a time as this when I was brooding over such things as these, I had literally given up in despair, when someone, a woman whom I knew, asked me if I had ever read Unity. I said no, because it came to my mind that in my studies in an eastern city in running through the names of various periodicals I had never seen it, and I said no. She handed me a copy, and I looked over some of the headlines, and hastily cane to the conclusion that it was a publication of the devil, because I had heard a sermon by a Presbyterian minister on Christian Science and such things and he pronounced them works of the devil, and I being a so-called preacher, ought to be very careful. I thanked the woman very kindly, but that I thought it was of the devil, and let it go at that. A day or so after that I again out on that porch and was face to face with these same problems, and I thought I would just pick up that book and read some of it, somehow, someone or something told me to read it, and being acquainted with psychology, I found something there to please me. It said that mind was all there was. Yes, I knew that in my study of psychology. I took three or four copies and took them up to my room and shut my door and read one or two copies, and after I got through reading them I put them away in the drawer, so no one would get them. I wanted to lock into them very thoroughly. Some of them I read four or five times. I compared them with the scientific knowledge I had. Well, there was something there that just seemed to supply that need of my aching heart. I wanted to get some more copies and I finally had to go to this lady, and I said, “Who gave you these copies?” “I really don’t knew, but I think it was Dr. 8o-and-so, perhaps,” and I went to Dr. So-and-so, and he was a subscriber, and he said, “I knew you would come to it, I have been praying for you.” I said that I wanted to investigate a little more, I was convinced that that was the truth, aid I found that which I was seeking for many years. And I can testify tonight that I have received peace that passeth all understanding. Hot only peace and joy, yet my very life I owe to the teaching of Unity.

(Voice) I had a nice demonstration today. My sister has a little daughter who had been very delicate from the first, and they had a great deal of trouble with the child, but some way it didn’t seem as if they reached the right place, so my sister had been taking special care of her, and took her to St. Louis with her about a week ago, and the little one was very ill on Wednesday, and my sister was very sorry that she had taken her away from home, and last Wednesday night in Unity healing meeting, I sent a strong thought to this little girl. I often send thoughts to different ones, but that was an especially strong thought; and I went to bed, and several times my sister called my name, and I could not understand why I heard her. She came in this afternoon, and I asked her if she had wanted me Thursday morning in the early morning hours. She said no, perhaps it was the little girl. I says, “No, it was you.” I says, “How is she?” My sister says, “She was very ill Wednesday, but on Thursday morning she said No, Mama, I am perfectly, absolutely well.”

(Mr. Fillmore) Cur time is a little more than up. I am sure that we could remain here until midnight, listening to testimony. These who have gone far in the work have so many evidences of this power of the spirit, that thy do not consider them worth mentioning. Yesterday, one lady told of our healing a cancer, that the cancer fell out, and the hole was a big as her fist, and I was worried about the hole, but she said inside of three minutes it was filled in and perfectly well. Another lady came to us last December, who was a dope fiend and had some other trouble besides, and when she went home, she said, “I am a healed woman, I have no desire for dope, and I am perfectly healed of my disease.” We do not consider these hardly worth mentioning; but the world outside is still asking for some well-authenticated case. One minister said that if he could have just one well-authenticated case of healing by the spirit, he would believe. We have ten thousand here in our midst all the time.


J. P.


Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1923

The Power of the Word

The power of the word is a favorite subject with Christian metaphysicians. It is not only a favorite with Christian metaphysicians, but metaphysicians of all kinds. Psychologists, hypnotists, mesmerists, Coue, everybody uses the word who understands any power invisible. But we who study the Bible and follow the teachings of Jesus ought to know more about the power of words. We should be very careful

[TruthUnity note: The document skips from page 1 to page 5 at this point]

here very much incensed and they stirred up the populace. They told those who had the rule of that Roman city, “These men are Jews and they are preaching a doctrine that is opposed to what we preach.” And then the mob, although they had just previously worshipped these men as gods, turned into the form of men, turned around and belabored them and they were whipped with nary stripes and put into prison, in the inner prison.

Now, as we study these lessons of Scripture, we find that we have a current of Truth running through them that applies to our unfoldment when we begin to break into what we call spiritual consciousness; and there is a point of contact that we make with these early followers of Jesus. Jesus was the pioneer in a new race of people that are coming into the earth. He represents the Supermind making itself a home and its base is in the natural mind. John the

[TruthUnity note: The document skips from page 6 to page 8 at this point]

plural. Let us remember that. He talked about a kingdom that is right in the midst of us here all the time, only just on a little higher plane of consciousness. We are all getting glimpses of this higher plane, and in these glimpses we are awakening certain faculties that have been, implanted in us potentially, but they have to be developed, and in this development of these faculties we go through quite unusual experiences.

[TruthUnity note: The document skips from page 8 to page 11 at this point]

in their minds in this so-called higher realm, and they don’t know how to handle it. They have not been letting in the Christ Truth, they have not gone into that higher spiritual activity, and they are considered insane. They are not really insane, they simply lack adjustment. They have not yet attained the understanding of how to control the psychic realm. The psychic realm, is the next realm of consciousness. It has to do with what we call the mortal mind and all the activities of the intellect, and when that is opened to man he begins to see things he had not seen before; he begins to know things, and it is not delirium tremens. People see things, and they don’t know really what they see; but if you understand the law of control of the Christ mind you will begin to understand what all these things mean.

Now, this psychical ego in us is connected with the spiritual, and you might as well be prepared for it because you will have experiences that, if you don’t know that it is God and Christ back of you, all controlling, it may lead you into unusual states of mind and sometimes very unhappy states. You will think that a great deal of those activities that are going on in your own consciousness in the readjustment of your mind are taking place in the outer. How, that is one thing that one has to be on his guard about—the awakening of the psychical nature within us, which is but the groundwork of the spiritual. We should understand the law; and know that all the conditions are within the soul of man; that we have stored up here in our consciousness all the experiences that we have ever had in the thousands of years we have lived. Incarnation after incarnation have occurred to every soul; in each incarnation has occurred experiences. You have had wisdom and ignorance and tragedy and joy, and the memory of all those are here. They form part of your mind and your body, and when you awaken, when you call the dead to life, when these old dead ideas and these dead entities that you have stored up come out of their graves—we are told that is what occurs when the Christ comes—then you have something that is beyond the range of mortal iron’s control. You need a higher Power; and what is that higher Power? The Christ of God. Now, Jesus Christ was the great demonstrator. He shows how we might follow Him and be successful in overcoming every one of these conditions; and the real active followers of Jesus know all these things, and yet they know where they belong. The maid that had this spirit driven out of her became a convert and she recognized that these men—Paul represents the Word of God joined with the will, going forth in its enthusiasm to set the pace or sow the seed, that will be the basis of a new race; a new kind of man is coming into consciousness; and when we accept of that and begin to hold for the Christ of God in us, and as Paul said, ho gave thanks and rejoiced that “it was God’s good pleasure to form his son in him.”

We have been, most of us, looking too much to the demonstration of Jesus of Nazareth. We have thought that he was the salvation; but whatever took place in the life of Jesu3 Christ must take place in your life. You are joint heirs with Him in this kingdom of the Spirit.

Now, then, the reaction to all great spiritual unfoldment is sometimes a hampering of the spiritual powers of man. In this experience, after Paul and Silas had cast out this spirit of divination or had freed this psychic mind from its false idea, there was a reaction and they were in prison. That reaction comes from the old thoughts that we have held; they have not been freed from their material bondage. Paul and Silas were put in this Roman prison. The Romans represent the temporal, the outer, material control, and that has to be recognized. When you are put in prison, there is a reaction. You think, “I thought I was so spiritual. I was getting on well, sow sometimes things in the future, and I know; in n very wonderful way how to do spiritual things. I began to look upon myself as having something very unusual, something spiritual.” No, that was really psychical; that was not the real spiritual. The real spiritual

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But Christ came to set those free who are in prison, didn’t He? That means that when this material bondage closes in around us we can be free through the action of that spiritual mind in ourselves, and that spiritual mind makes itself active through the Word. Many people don’t understand what we mean by the Word. They think we mean the Bible. That is the manifestation of what we mean by the Word. Jesus told the Pharisees, “This bears testimony, bears witness, of me.”

What is that “me”? It is the Christ in man; it is that higher Principle in every one of us, the image and likeness of God. That has a way of expressing itself, and that is the Holy Spirit of God, the Word. So many people think we are talking about outside things, God and angels and Jesus Christ. No, I am talking about you. You are the concentration, you are the very essence of God’s mind, and your Word counts and it is through your spoken word—the word that I am speaking to.

Margaret Garvin Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on June 26, 2018.