Unity Books

Unity Books

My intention is to provide students and scholars of classic Unity teachings the best possible learning experience. Here is what you can expect.

First, I aim for this site to be maximally accessible to all, free from passwords and distracting advertisements. This is a ministry, not a business. Second, to help us understand what we're reading, most of the books here are hyperlinked to the Bible and some are hyperlinked against The Revealing Word or the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. Finally, to make the reading experience interesting and fun, I've begun to add pictures and interesting links in the text. For an example of that, visit James Dillet Freeman's book, The Household of Faith.

Thank you so much for stopping by and may your study of Truth be rich and a blessing to all.

Reference Books with Hyperlinked Full Text

American Standard Version Bible
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
The Revealing Word

Books with Full Text Online and Some Hyperlinking

Emilie Cady - Lessons In Truth
Emilie Cady - How I Used Truth
Emilie Cady - God A Present Help
Myrtle Fillmore - Wee Wisdom's Way
Charles Fillmore - Christian Healing
Charles Fillmore - Mysteries of Genesis
James Dillet Freeman - The Household of Faith (The Story of Unity)
Jennie Croft - Methods of Meditation
EV Ingraham - The Silence
Imelda Shanklin - What Are You?
Unity Song Selections (1941) (partial)
Unity School - Index of Charles Fillmore's Writings (1956)
Herbert Hunt - A Study of the New Testament
Ed Rabel - New Testament Lectures (1976)
Unity School for Religious Studies - Old and New Testament Interpretation Course

Books with PDF Downloads

Charles Fillmore - Twelve Powers of Man - 1930 (First Edition)
Charles and Cora Fillmore - Teach Us To Pray - 1941 (First Edition)
Charles Fillmore - Mysteries of John
Myrtle Fillmore - Letters of Myrtle Fillmore - 1936 (First Edition)
Dana Gatlin - God Is The Answer
Elizabeth Sand Turner - Let There Be Light
Elizabeth Sand Turner - Your Hope of Glory
Ernest C Wilson - Have We Lived Before?
Ernest C Wilson - Master Class Lessons
Ernest C Wilson - Soul Power
EV Ingraham - Creation and Recreation
Francis Gable - Lessons in Business from the Teachings of Jesus Christ
Unity School - A Manual of Special Unity Services - 1937 (First Edition)
Unity School - Best Loved Unity Poems - 1947
Unity School - Unity Bible Lessons (1896-1965)