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Unity tracts and spiritual support

Last May I had a few long, peaceful evenings with my mother, who was dying from cancer. They let me stay past midnight. In that time of quietness I would hold her hand. Sometimes I would pray. Sometimes I would be thumbing Silent Unity's Mobile Prayer App and Daily Word's Guided prayer and meditation music. They were great sources of comfort and strength for me.

It was then that I resolved that the many Unity pamphlets and tracts on TruthUnity that speak to healing, re-embodiment, love, forgiveness and trusting God would be easily accessible on a smartphone for others who found themselves in hospital settings or in need of spiritual support.

June and July were devoted to reworking TruthUnity so that it is mobile friendly. August and September have been devoted to formatting the tracts so they are easy to read on a small screen.

Here is the index to the first batch of 25 tracts. There are many, many more coming. So many in fact that they cover up my coffee table, as you can see below. May they find their way to all who need them.

Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Unity tracts sorted by topic on my coffee table