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Thank you, Rev. Alicia-Leslie

Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Rev. Alicia-Leslie

The dozens of Unity tracts that are available to you right now, and the hundreds more that are coming, are a gift to all of us from Rev. Alicia-Leslie, minister at Spirit of Unity Church of Middlesex County in Connecticut. A year or two ago, she called me up and asked "what's your address?" I had no idea that she was going to send a priceless collection of hundreds of Unity tracts, some of them dating back to the McGee Street era.

Rev. Ali and the Unity tracts she has given to us are perfectly designed for Internet ministry. She's all over the place -- YouTube and Facebook, Constant Contact, her website and many other places -- delivering short, sweet messages of inspiration and joy, in plain language with eye-catching illustrations.

Rev. Ali is the human equivalent of a well-designed inspirational tract. Both spread the word about Truth and Unity, both bring attention to the teachings of the Fillmores and both encourage people to attend a Unity church on Sundays.

Rev. Ali's website comes with a donate page. A few dollars here and there help retired ministers stay active. They also say Thank You. Remember her each time you read and download one of these priceless gems of Truth.

Rev. Alicia-Leslie
Rev. Ali's tracts sorted by topic on my coffee table