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Godless Metaphysics - Reply to Critics

Mark Hicks

My post of Sunday, January 15 2017 entitled Godless Metaphysics got a fair amount of heated response from readers, both from those who support and those to do not support Donald Trump. Here is an example:

Texas is a Republican state and many people voted for Trump. I read the first section of your article twice and I am not sure if you are putting down Trump or not so I gave up trying. But why even put that out there? There is a division between church and state for a reason. I am a student of yours to learn about the church (spirituality) side, not politics...

You have your opinion and I have mine, the difference is people look up to you for spiritual advice, which you are excellent. After the first paragraph you seemed to maybe have a nice article and something about MLK, which appears appropriate for the time, but I did not read any of it because you lost me in the first paragraph. Is that what you wanted? Wonder how many others did the same?

Here is my reply:

My intention was not to comment on Trump, but rather to comment on the ideology that many writers are attributing to him. The reason I wanted to comment on the ideology is because it is being called "New Thought." That is the "unfair connection" that I wanted to highlight.

Many people in our nation will get their first introduction to New Thought by the many commentators who write about the new President. The article I referenced is a good example of that. My point is that what is being called "New Thought" is not the teachings of the Fillmores, nor of Ernest Holmes nor any of the other foundational teachers in the New Thought movement.

I don't see how I can address this distortion of our theology without highlighting an article such as the one I brought up. The best I can do is to write what I did: "I don't know if that is an accurate portrayal of Donald Trump's belief system. But I do know that it isn't metaphysics."

I felt that I had an obligation to correct inaccurate characterizations of Unity's teachings as being "a pocket guide for fascists." So when you ask "But why even put that out there? " know that I did so because we in Unity and New Thought are getting pounded by misinformed comments, such as what is in this article.

The mission of TruthUnity is "to engage culture in the digital age, cultivating awareness, practice and commitment to the Unity teachings." Politicians and the media also engage culture. I would ask you to extend to me and Unity the same tolerance that you provide to politicians and the media.

Mark Hicks
January 2017