Metaphysical meaning of Zela (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zela (mbd)
Zela (in A. V., Zelah), ze'–la (Heb.)--sheltering involutions; outer coverings; exterior envelope; protective shelter; sheltering wings; side; sides of a room; walls of a tabernacle; quarter of the heavens; a rib.

A city in Benjamin, in which Saul and Jonathan were buried in the sepulcher of Kish, Saul's father (II Sam. 21: 14). In Joshua 18 :28, the name is spelled Zelah.

Meta. Zela is the same word that is translated "rib" in Genesis 2:21; it signifies the female principle in man, the soul, which is not only within but also infolds, envelops, and protects (see the foregoing definitions). When that which Saul and Jonathan signify comes to the end of outer dominance and expression, it is received by the soul and gives place to the rule of a higher and more spiritual phase of love and will (David). The sepulcher of Kish, in which Saul and Jonathan were buried, indicates that which holds a remembrance only of former power and dominion. (See KISH.)

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