Metaphysical meaning of Zaanannim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zaanannim (mbd)
Zaanannim (in A. V., Judg. 4 :11, plain of Zaanaim), za–a–nan'–nlm (Heb.) --complete changes; removals; migrations; double migratory tent; great migration; exodus.

A place near Kedesh. In Joshua 19: 33 and Judges 4:11 we read of the "oak in Zaanannim." It was on the border of Naphtali.

Meta. Great and complete changes for the better, taking place in consciousness.

In bringing about higher and better ideals and experiences in one's consciousness, there must be first a dissatisfaction with present apparent thoughts and conditions, and a willingness to alter one's views. In this name a very great desire for a change is indicated; also an activity tending toward that change (complete changes, double migratory tent, great migration, removals, exodus). Then too, there are the staying qualities that are needed to balance the unsettled, changing attitude of mind. These qualities are signified in "oak," which stands for something very strong and protective; also the nearness of Naphtali (strength) and Kedesh (the divine presence within the individual consciousness) is significant. It was by the oak in Zaanannim that Sisera, captain of the host of Jabin, king of Canaan, fled from Barak to the tent of Heber the Kenite and was killed by Jael, the wife of Heber. This brought great victory and deliverance to the Israelites. In man's consciousness this experience signifies deliverance from error and advancement into greater realization of Truth.

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