Metaphysical meaning of Tob (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tob (mbd)
Tob, tob (Heb.)--good; whole; in good health; healthy; wholesome; fair; pleasant; beautiful; much; great; abundant; benign; benevolent; kind; well-disposed; upright; honest; joyous; happy; fruitful.

The name of the land to which Jephthah fled when his brothers drove him from home, and the land where he lived until his people came to ask him to lead them in battle against the Ammonites (Judg. 11:3, 5).

Meta. A consciousness of that which is good, wholesome, honorable, upright, joyous, and true; also a consciousness of abundance. Everything that is good is contained in that which Tob signifies. (See JEPHTHAH.) In the significance of the Tob that is mentioned in II Samuel 10:6, 8, at least, the consciousness of good must be centered in outer seeming instead of Truth.

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