Metaphysical meaning of Tibni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tibni (mbd)
Tibni, tib'-ni (Heb.)--structure; model; figure; pattern; likeness; similitude; building of Jehovah; similitude of Jah; insight; intelligence; understanding; knowing.

Son of Ginath (I Kings 16:21).

Meta. An intelligent, knowing thought in the higher consciousness of man that receives spiritual insight into the truth that the divine-ideal man, the Christ, in each individual, is the divine pattern, model, or likeness; and that man's perfect inner, spiritual organism is the structure or building of Jehovah. Part of the true thoughts seek to lift this Tibni thought to active expression in the consciousness (half the Israelites followed Tibni and tried to make him king). At this stage of his unfoldment the carnal is still in the ascendancy, however, so the spiritual is forced back into apparent inactivity in the subconscious mind until a further spiritual unfolding of the individual takes place (Tibni was defeated and killed, and Omri reigned).

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