Metaphysical meaning of Tahan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tahan (mbd)
Tahan, ta'-han (Heb.)--bent down; bowed down; inclined; settling down; pitching one's tent; tent place; encampment; graciousness; entreaty; supplication; prayer.

a A descendant of Ephraim, perhaps a son (Num. 26:35). b A son of Telah an Ephraimite (I Chron. 7:25).

Meta. Humble, gracious, prayerful, earnestly desirous of good, abiding thoughts relating to the will faculty in man (bowed down, graciousness, encampment, settling down, entreaty, prayer, men of the Israelitish tribe of Ephraim, which represents the will in individual consciousness).

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