Metaphysical meaning of Shoham (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shoham (mbd)
Shoham, sho'-ham (Heb.)--universally sublimated; quickened; pale; flesh-colored; sardonyx; onyx; beryl.

a The name of a very precious stone. It is thought to be either the beryl or the onyx, and is translated as such in various places in the Bible (see Gen. 2:12; Exod. 28:9; 35:9, 27; Job 28:16; Rev. 21:20; see both text and margin). b Son of Jaaziah, of the Merari Levites, in the time that David was king of Israel (I Chron. 24:27).

Meta. A very highly refined idea and expression of substance in individual consciousness, or spiritual substance being revealed in all its purity, beauty, and priceless value to the consciousness of the spiritually awakened individual (universally sublimated, quickened, sardonyx, onyx, beryl, the precious stones here bespeaking substance).

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