Metaphysical meaning of Shethar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shethar (mbd)
Shethar, she'-thär (Heb. fr. Pers.)--star; a star; commanding; commander.

One of the seven princes of Media and Persia. These men ranked next to the king (Esth. 1:14).

Meta. A star signifies something that is of a lofty character, but as yet only faintly understood by man; still, the light that stars represent has a degree of guiding illumination for man. Jesus Christ is likened to "the bright, the morning star."

Shethar (a star, commanding, commander), one of the seven princes of Media and Persia, who sat with the king, bespeaks the very dim comprehension of higher spiritual truths that the natural man is capable of receiving apart from spiritual quickening and awakening; yet this comprehension of Truth, lacking in clearness as it is, adds to the strength and executive power of the will (Ahasuerus; see CARSHENA, MARSENA, MEMUCAN, and MERES, others of these seven princes).

A star, in the meaning of this name, may refer to the reflected and very uncertain, fragmentary bits of understanding that seem to be obtained at times through the psychic realm, apart from true divine understanding and dominion.

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