Metaphysical meaning of Sheber (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sheber (mbd)
Sheber, she'-ber (Heb.)--breach; fracture; broken in pieces; fragment; ruin; destruction; piece; portion- allotment; allowance; infant, i. e., who has broken the womb.

Son of Caleb by his concubine, Maacah (I Chron. 2:48).

Meta. Caleb signifies spiritual faith and enthusiasm; Maacah suggests a negative, depressed state of thought or feeling that exists in the natural soul in man. Sheber and Tirhanah, the first two sons of Caleb by Maacah (notice that these two sons are named as though they belonged together), indicate a breaking up of the depressed condition and its results in consciousness that Maacah signifies (fracture, breach, broken in pieces), and the establishment in its place of the assurance of divine favor (inclination, favor, kindness). Notice that Sheber is named first and Tirhanah follows; even so the putting away of an error always precedes an establishment of Truth in consciousness.

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