Metaphysical meaning of Ramoth-gilead (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ramoth-gilead (mbd)
Ramoth-gilead, ra'-moth - gil-e-ad (Heb.)--heights of Gilead; high mound of witnesses; high perpetual testimony.

A fortified city of Gad. It is identical with Ramoth in Gilead, or Ramoth, a city of Gad, and is thought to be the same city as Ramath-mizpeh (Deut. 4:43;Kings 22:3-29). Ramoth-gilead was a Levitical city and a city of refuge (Josh. 21:38).

Meta. Ramoth-gilead (heights of Gilead, high mound of witnesses, high perpetual testimony) signifies a very high place in consciousness, that place, or phase of spiritual consciousness, in u8 wherein Spirit unceasingly discerns and witnesses to the Truth and to our thoughts and acts, that adjustment may be made throughout mind and body. (See RAMATH--MIZPEH.)

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