Metaphysical meaning of Pelatiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pelatiah (mbd)
Pelatiah, pel-a-ti-ah (Heb.)--Jehovah makes smooth; Jah is way of escape; Jah delivers; deliverance of the Lord; safety of Jah.

a Son of Hananiah, in line of descent from David and Solomon (I Chron. 3:21). b A captain of the Simeonites when they defeated and destroyed the Amalekites (I Chron. 4:42). c One who joined Nehemiah in sealing the covenant (Neh. 10:22). d A son of Benaiah and prince of the people of Israel, one whom Ezekiel prophesied against (Ezek. 11:1-13).

Meta. Freeing, delivering thoughts in consciousness, based on a degree of understanding of divine law (Jehovah makes smooth, Jah is way of escape, Jah delivers, deliverance of the Lord, Lord referring to divine law).

The Pelatiah whom Ezekiel was told to prophesy against was one of those "that give wicked counsel in this city; that say, The time is not near to build houses: this city is the caldron, and we are the flesh" (Ezek. 11:2, 3). He symbolizes the thoughts in us that lay hold of the idea of divine deliverance from error and its results but, when it comes to really taking the saving Truth into our body, begin to fear and try to make us believe that the time has not come yet when our outer man can really be delivered out of its seemingly mortal, corruptible state. Thus such thoughts become false prophets and must be denied away.

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