Metaphysical meaning of Ohel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ohel (mbd)
Ohel, o'-hel (Heb.)--tent; tabernacle; temple; habitation; dwelling; house; family; tribe; race; nation.

Son of Zerubbabel (I Chron. 3:20).

Meta. A tent, tabernacle, or temple in the Bible refers to the body of man. Family indicates a group of thoughts like and springing from some certain idea. The word "race" often pertains to the whole race of mankind on the earth, and not just to certain types and nations of people taken separately; here, however, it signifies all the thoughts of the individual. Zerubbabel typifies a thought activity in the higher consciousness of man, whose work is to restore worship of God. Ohel, son of Zerubbabel (meaning family, race, tent, tabernacle, house, temple, habitation), signifies the truth that the worship of God, or the thinking and knowing of spiritual things, is to be established throughout the consciousness and the organism of the individual.

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