Metaphysical meaning of Merom (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Merom (mbd)
Merom, me'-rom (Heb.)--height; altitude; elevation; elation; far above; the highest.

A lake in Palestine, through which the Jordan River flows; it is above the Sea of Galilee. It was there that several of the kings of the Canaanitish tribes encamped when they came up to fight against Israel; Joshua and the Israelites fought with them at Merom and defeated them (Josh. 11:5, 7).

Meta. The Sea of Galilee signifies a sea of vitality, or of life activity, of nerve energy. The Jordan River also refers to the life current, or life flow of thoughts in the body. Merom, a lake of the Jordan, in Palestine, above the Sea of Galilee, and meaning elevation, height, far above, highest, typifies one's lifting up the life energy to a very exalted place in consciousness. This results in a very great victory by Joshua and his Israelitish army (I AM, unified with the true thoughts of the consciousness) over the enemies in the land (one's lower, limited, error, carnal beliefs about life).

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