Metaphysical meaning of Matred (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Matred (mbd)
Matred, ma'-tred (Heb.)--following continually; pursuing; thrusting forward; propelling; shoving; driving forth; a short spear; a goad; a wand; a scepter; a royal mace.

Daughter of Mezahab, and mother of Mehetabel the wife of Hadar. This Hadar was king of Edom (Gen. 36:39).

Meta. Matred and Mehetabel, women of Edom, pertain to activities in the soul's progress toward spiritual perfection. Even the phase of the soul that pertains to Edom, or the outer physical man, has its impulses that are uplifting and are ever moving toward the more perfect understanding and expression of Being.

Mezahab, father of Matred, means water of gold, emanations of the shining one, and represents a wisdom that is of the one light, or sun, Spirit, though it may be somewhat negative, as suggested by water, water of gold. Matred signifies the pushing or urging forward of the soul (thrusting forward, propelling, shoving, driving forth), by means of this wisdom for which Mezahab stands, to still higher and clearer light and dominion (a scepter, a royal mace). Mehetabel the daughter of Matred, meaning to whom God does good, God is the greatest good, God benefits, bespeaks the further awakening of the human soul to the goodness of God.

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