Metaphysical meaning of Keziah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Keziah (mbd)
Keziah (A. V., Kezia), ke-zi'-ah (Heb.)--cut off; stripped off; cassia bark; angular; acute; incisive; decisive; discrimination.

The second of Job's three daughters who were born to him after his return to affluence and health (Job 42:14).

Meta. The purified soul expressing true perception and discrimination, thus aiding in the detection of all error, limited, human thoughts and ideals, that they may be put out of consciousness (cut off, stripped off). Spiritual perception and discrimination are great aids in cleansing the mind from thoughts and intents that are not really conducive to spiritual growth. By means of our perceptive and discriminative qualities of mind we distinguish between our true thoughts and our lesser thoughts that are no longer necessary to us. Then by the dissolving light and love of Spirit they are purged out of our consciousness, thus making us free to go on toward manifest perfection.

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