Metaphysical meaning of Karkor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Karkor (mbd)
Karkor, kär'-kôr (Heb.)--foundation; excavation; deep floor; deep ground.

A place on the east side of the Jordan where Zebah and Zalmunna, kings of Midian, camped with their armies, while fleeing from Gideon. Gideon overtook them there, and again defeated them and put them to rout (Judg. 8:10).

Meta. A group of thoughts, or state of consciousness, deeply rooted in substance (deep ground) and in the descending life flow of thought in the organism (to the east of the Jordan). It is the last stronghold of the phase of the sense mind that these two kings (Zalmunna and Zebah) and their armies symbolize, and is at the very foundation of this phase of consciousness. Here Zebah (sacrifice) and Zalmunna (deprived of shade), kings of Midian (contention, strife), with the remainder of their armies took refuge, thinking that they were secure in this place, or thought realm. But Gideon (destroyer of evil) found them and killed them with all their host.

This incident, with the meaning of the names connected with it, teaches that we must pursue error to its very beginning and root it out entirely. This can be done, since error is but a shadow and has no foundation in being (Zalmunna, deprived of shade). It must be wholly erased from consciousness, and the energy that has been utilized for its promotion must be transmuted into spiritual essence and use (Zebah, meaning sacrifice).

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