Metaphysical meaning of Jesharelah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jesharelah (mbd)
Jesharelah, je-shar'-e-lah (Heb.)--upright toward God; God is righteous; God's equity; plain way of God, i. e., not difficult; prospered of God.

A Levite musician who had charge of those on whom the seventh lot fell for Temple service in music (I Chron. 25:14). In verse 2 he is called Asharelah.

Meta. The significance is virtually the same as that of Asharelah: uprightness of thought, the upward look, the attention fixed on God, Spirit. This, with love, the joining, unifying quality in individual consciousness, does much toward keeping one's mind and body "in tune with the Infinite," in divine harmony. The way of Truth is clear, smooth, harmonious, to the one whose eye is single to the one Good (plain way of God, i. e., not difficult).

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