Metaphysical meaning of Jarah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jarah (mbd)
Jarah, ja'-rah (Heb.)--exuberant; redundant; luxurious; overflowing; honey; dense thicket; forest; wood; pluck out; uncovered- unveiled; naked.

A descendant of Saul (I Chron. 9:42). He is called Jehoaddah in I Chronicles 8:36.

Meta. A realization of abundant life and substance (overflowing, exuberant, redundant), with a suggestion of dissipation of nerve energy that leads to a reaction in the way of great depression, and so forth (naked). The Promised Land, we are told, was a land flowing with milk and honey--substance and Truth. But the consciousness of life and substance that comes to man when he realizes that his whole being is spiritual (enters into the Promised Land) must be conserved and used for the upbuilding of the spiritual and true in him. If he dissipates it in outer ways, through willfulness and sensuality (Jarah was a descendant of Saul, who represents the personal will), he comes into a consciousness of lack of strength, poise, and substance within and without.

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