Metaphysical meaning of Japhlet (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Japhlet (mbd)
Japhlet, japh'-let (Heb.)--whom He (God) delivers; his complete deliverance; he will escape wholly; liberating; setting free.

Son of Heber, who was a grandson of Asher (I Chron. 7:32).

Meta. Heber, father of Japhlet, signifies a passing over from a limited, earthly phase of thought to a higher concept of Truth. Japhlet, son of Heber, is a thought or concept of deliverance from (his complete deliverance, whom He (God) delivers), or victory over, the old error line of thinking and its results in mind and life. This comes about by means of the higher Truth that has been perceived and put into practice.

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