Metaphysical meaning of Ithmah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ithmah (mbd)
Ithmah, ith-mah (Heb.)--bereavement; orphanage; an orphan; fatherless; lonesome; alone.

A Moabite who is mentioned as having been one of David's mighty warriors (I Chron. 11:46).

Meta. Moab represents the carnal mind. One meaning of orphanage is the state of being an orphan, and an orphan is a child who has lost its parents. Bereavement also refers to a state of being bereft of some near relative or dear friend by death. Ithmah, the Moabite, one of David's guard of mighty men, therefore would symbolize a positive love thought (David symbolizing love) in consciousness that has been made pure and has been separated from its old carnal beliefs and desires. It has been bereft of its carnal relatives and seeming sources of existence, and has been transplanted into different surroundings, has been given different expression. It now contributes its substance and strength to the guarding and building up of the real and the true.

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