Metaphysical meaning of Ishhod (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ishhod (mbd)
Ishhod (A. V., Ishod), ish'-hod (Heb.)--man of strength; man of vigor; man of exuberance; man of splendor; man of majesty; comely man; man of renown.

Son of Hammolecheth, of the tribe of Manasseh (I Chron. 7:18).

Meta. When the soul is lifted up by prayer and spiritual thought (Hammolecheth, mother of Ishhod), Jehovah, the Christ, is exalted in consciousness and is given due honor and authority (man of renown, man of splendor, man of majesty). By thinking and speaking of the greatness, the power, the goodness, and the allness of the Christ, of Spirit, the individual builds up for himself true spiritual comeliness--a strength and joy and beauty of character, and of outer form also--that is enduring because it is founded in Spirit. Such a one becomes a comely man, a man of strength, of vigor, of exuberance. It is a truth that one grows to be like that on which his thoughts and desires dwell.

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