Metaphysical meaning of Heres (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Heres (mbd)
Heres, he'-res (Heb.)--radiating orb of heat; the sun; hot; dry; baked; seared; scratched; rough; an earthen pot; potsherd.

A mountain in the land of Canaan where the Amorites continued to dwell, "yet the hand of the house of Joseph prevailed, so that they became subject to taskwork" (Judg. 1: 35).

Meta. A lifting up (mountain) of the life forces in individual consciousness.

The central sun in us, like the sun in the outer universe, radiates both light and heat; but, until the understanding unfolds sufficiently, life is known only in its phases of heat and force. When these are controlled by the Amorite thoughts, which have their seat of action in the generative function, sense impurities and excesses prevail in the individual. But through "the hand of the house of Joseph" (the power of the imaging faculty of the mind established in a degree of spiritual understanding), the Amorites are put under subjection and become subject to taskwork, become servants of the Israelites; that is, the substance and life that had formerly been utilized by these error thoughts and activities are turned to constructive use, to the building up and strengthening of the Truth, which in time will become the only actuating power of all of the man's thoughts and doings. Then the whole being will become established in abiding life and peace.

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