Metaphysical meaning of Heleph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Heleph (mbd)
Heleph, he'-leph (Heb.)--glide along; pass on; perish; disappear; change; exchange; renew; revive; flourish anew; place of renewing.

A border city of Naphtali (Josh. 19: 33).

Meta. A passing over from the belief that strength (Naphtali) is purely physical to the consciousness of Spirit as the source of one's strength; in other words, the exchange of one's material thought about strength for an understanding of the spirituality, the unfailingness, and the abidingness of strength in one who is established in the true knowledge of God as the one source and substance of all strength and of all life. Thus is one's conscious strength renewed.

The significance of this name is well outlined by Paul in Romans 6:1-11. Denials and affirmations aid in bringing about this change in consciousness from the seemingly material to true spiritual thought and expression.

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