Metaphysical meaning of Harod (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Harod (mbd)
Harod, ha'-rod (Heb.)--excited; trembling; shaking; inclined with eagerness; hasten trembling; trepidation; fear; terror. Harod relates to the heart or center of emotion. The idea in the name is that of trembling for any one, either in caring for him, loving him intensely and running toward him in greeting, or of running away from some one trembling because of fear and terror.

A spring beside which Gideon camped when he fought against and defeated the Midianites. It was there that he told all those of his army who were fearful and trembling to return to their homes (Judg. 7:1-3).

Meta. The enemy, fear. It must be met here and overcome before victory over the Midianites (strife and contention) can be gained. Perfect love casts out fear, and love establishes peace and unity in consciousness.

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