Metaphysical meaning of hallelujah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of hallelujah (mbd)
hallelujah (in A.V., Revelation 19:1, Alleluia), hal-le-lu'-jah (Heb.)--make a glad sound to Jehovah; praise ye Jehovah; rejoice in Jah; praise Jah.

An expression of praise and joy that was commonly used in Hebrew worship. It stands at the beginning of many of the Psalms, in the form, "Praise ye Jehovah," with "hallelujah" given in the marginal notes. The Psalms were sung during worship in the Temple (Psalms 150, margin; Rev. 19:1).

Meta. The whole of man's religious and spiritual nature lifted up in thanksgiving and praise to Jehovah, the Christ, the Father within him.

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