Metaphysical meaning of Hadassah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hadassah (mbd)
Hadassah, ha-das'-sah (Heb.)--leaping; springing up; joy; gladness; myrtle.

Esther's Hebrew name (Esth. 2:7).

Meta. The myrtle is a lovely evergreen shrub or moderate-sized tree, having white flowers. Both leaves and flowers give out a very pleasant odor. Among the ancient Greeks the myrtle was sacred to Venus as the symbol of youth and beauty; it was used extensively at festivals. It is symbolical of the life principle, ever vital and renewing. So Hadassah, the Jewish name of Esther, represents the joy, youthfulness, activity, and beauty of the soul established in a consciousness of the abidingness and potency of divine life and love. (See ESTHER.)

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