Metaphysical meaning of Goah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Goah (mbd)
Goah (A.V., Goath), go'-ah (Heb.)--lowing; crying out; exclaiming.

Mentioned with Gareb in Jeremiah 31:39; it was near Jerusalem, but nothing definite is known of it. (See GAREB.)

Meta. Physical strength in expression (lowing, crying out, exclaiming. A cow or an ox represents physical strength. This strength must be lifted up and transmuted into pure spiritual substance and life. (Jeremiah 31:38-40 prophesies of man's entire renewal in mind and his consequent transformation in body. See Romans 12:2 also. The whole of that which Jerusalem signifies--the heart center or subconscious mind; even the currents of confused and turbulent thoughts for which the brook Kidron stands; the seat of the conscious mind, the intellect; and the will--all these are to become holy to Jehovah, redeemed.)

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