Metaphysical meaning of Ethanim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ethanim (mbd)
Ethanim, eth'-a-nlm (Heb.)--munificent gifts; perennial owing; owing brooks. Fallows says of Ethanim that it is "the month of streaming rivers, which are filled during this month by the autumnal rains. It corresponds with our September-October."

The seventh month of the sacred year of the Israelites, and the first month of their civil year (I Kings 8:2). The Day of Atonement occurred in this month; also the Feast of Tabernacles.

Meta. The whole consciousness of man is made up of objective and subjective thoughts and their results. Like a chemical solution they go through changes on the subjective side that are observed in their outer appearance only and are but dimly understood. This feast in the seventh month, Ethanim, refers to a culmination each year of certain thought forces engendered on the natural plane. Seven here refers to material fulfillment; and twelve to spiritual.

The metaphysician by study and meditation learns to observe these inner changes in soul and body, and instead of calling a certain chemicalization in thought health or sickness, he says that it is a culmination of true or of error thinking. It is in reality just what this Ethanim feast represents, a celebration of a thought harvest. (Months, in Scripture, refer to degrees or steps in overcoming and unfoldment, and not to the outer idea of time.)

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