Metaphysical meaning of Ebiasaph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ebiasaph (mbd)
Ebiasaph, e-bl'-a-saph (Heb.)--father of gathering; father of increase; father of adding; father who adds.

A Levite who is named in the genealogy of Levi (I Chron. 6:23).

Meta. The love quality in man actively expressing itself in increase in his consciousness and life, attracting to him (father of gathering, father of increase, father who adds) much spiritual blessing and attainment. (Love is the magnet that draws to one abundance of good. "God is love." Levi, of the sons of Jacob and of the tribes of Israel, represents the love faculty in man. A Levite therefore is one of the thoughts that help to make up the love center in individual consciousness.)

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